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Paused Downloading Firefox, Mozilla Firefox Won’t Upgrade

Earlier today I happened to check and see if Firefox was running the latest software and was surprised to see it looked like Firefox was stuck uploading. Once the download of the file started I didn’t think much else about it until I checked after an hour or so and saw that it was still trying to download an 11MB file. At this point I knew there was an issue with Mozilla Firefox as it appeared to be paused downloading the new version. Below I describe the error in more detail and how to reset the download of the new version of Firefox which in my case was 3.6.8.

Mozilla Firefox Paused Downloading New Version:

Firefox: Paused Downloading Updated Version

Resolving this issue is easy once you know where the Firefox updates are stored. In this example the computer having an issue was Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit but I also provide the location of Windows XP updates in case someone is having an issue on Windows XP. The Windows 7 location will be the same as the Windows Vista Firefox updates location.

Reset Firefox Update To Resolve Paused Downloading Error:

  1. Close Firefox: First make sure that you have closed every instance of Mozilla Firefox which needs to be done so the updates files are not open when you attempt to clear them out.
  2. Open Firefox Updates Location: Open the below location in Windows Explorer based on your Windows operating system version. Simply replace username with your Windows username in the path’s listed below.

    Firefox Updates Location For Windows 7, Windows Vista:


    1. C:\\Users\\<username>\\AppData\\Local\\Mozilla\\Firefox\\Mozilla Firefox

    Firefox Updates Location For Windows XP:


    1. C:\\Documents and Settings\\<username>\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\Mozilla\\Firefox\\Mozilla Firefox
  3. Delete Firefox Updates: Now within the above listed folder you should delete the Updates folder as well as the active-update.xml file and the updates.xml file. All three of these items are shown in the below example image and are probably the only three items in the folder.

    Firefox Updates Cache Folder

  4. Firefox Update Download: Once deleted you can now launch Firefox again. To begin the upgrade process to make sure Firefox upgrades without issue click Help in the top navigation bar and select Check For Updates in the drop down as shown below.

    Firefox Menu: Check For Updates

    This will open the Software Update window which is displayed below. Simply click the Update Firefox button to begin the Mozilla Firefox upgrade.

    Firefox Software Update: Update Firefox

  5. Install Firefox Update: Once Firefox is done downloading the update, as shown in the below image, click the Restart Firefox button to restart Firefox and install the Firefox update.

    Firefox Update Ready To Install

  6. Verify Firefox Version: Once Firefox has restarted click on Help in the top navigation menu and select About Firefox to verify the new version installed properly.

I have seen a couple times where Firefox will have an issue downloading an updated version of Firefox. If this happens simply delete the cached files and restart the update.

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