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How To Disable WordPress Site Temporarily, Put WordPress In Maintenance Mode

How To Disable WordPress Site Temporarily, Put WordPress In Maintenance Mode

We have a site that does automated tasks using GPU processing however at times we use the GPU processing for other tasks which requires us to disable access to the public. The easiest way to do this is to install a WordPress maintenance mode type plugin that will allow you to easily disable access to the public but not require much work. Having a site in maintenance mode is also beneficial for any major site changes that may prevent a bad customer experience when visiting your WP site. Below are instructions on installing the WP Maintenance Mode plugin as well as information on putting your site in maintenance mode and bringing it out of maintenance mode.

Install WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugin:

  1. Download Maintenance Mode Plugin: Click here to download the WP Maintenance Mode plugin. There are numerous options for maintenance mode however the recommended plugin, which is WP Maintenance Mode, has been tested by us and allows you to easily generate a template that people will see when visiting your WordPress site.
  2. Unpack & Upload WP Plugin: Extract the contents of the file you have downloaded in step one which will be called wp-maintenance-mode.zip. This will create a folder with all of the files required by WP Maintenance mode called wp-maintenance-mode. Now upload this folder using FTP to the plugins directory of your WordPress site located at “<wp-root>/wp-content/plugins”.
  3. Enable WordPress Plugin: Once the upload is completed login to your WordPress administration site and click the Installed link underneath the Plugins category in the left navigation. At the top of the page underneath “Manage Plugins” you will see a link titled Inactive that you should click to display all of the inactive plugins that are located in your plugins directory. You may have more than one however the plugin we need to activate is called “WP Maintenance Mode” and can be activated by clicking the Activate link located directly underneath the title of the plugin.
  4. Configure WP Maintenance Mode: Now before putting your site into Maintenance mode you should configure the plugin to operate the way you intend it to. This can be done by clicking back on the Installed plugins and then clicking on Settings below the WP Maintenance Mode title which will display a Settings screen similar to the below.

    WordPress Plugin: WP Maintenance Mode Settings

    As you can see in the image above here are numerous settings that you can configure which include picking a template, enabling a countdown timer to display when the site will be available again, the title, the description, etc. Once you have made all of the changes you want to make click the Save button located below the Settings on the left side of he page.

  5. Enable WordPress Maintenance Mode: When you want to put the site in Maintenance Mode you simply go back to the list of plugins, click on Settings under WP Maintenance Mode, under Plugin Activate change the drop down to True, and then click the Update button. Your site will immediately go into Maintenance Mode but make sure to check the site from a browser that you are not logged into the WP admin with so you can verify what customers are seeing. The plugin has a feature that will allow you to still view the site if you are logged in as a WP admin.

You can disable Maintenance Mode by changing the drop down in step five back to false and clicking the Update button. Maintenance Mode is very convenient for any work you need to do on your site so customers do not visit the site and think it is broken.

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