How to Create a Hirens Boot CD Usb Thumb Drive

Occasionally I get a PC in my shop which has a broken or non working cd drive. One of the mail tools I use is a disk called Hirens Boot CD. Yes I know its considered Warez however it is by far the best collection of tools for a PC tech around so I use it all the time.  I will leave finding the actual disc up to you however once you have it you may want to create a USB drive with Hirens for situations when you dont have your cd or the cd option is unavailable.

Below I will outline how to create a Hirens Boot CD usb drive:

First off you will need 3 files:
a. Hirens Boot CD version 9.7 or newer



1. Okay to start off with extract both of the archives and run usb format first. (This will erase all data on the drive).


2. Next we will want to run the grub4dos utility (This will need to be run as a administrator).

3. First select your usb drive after selecting the disc radio button.

4. Next hit the refresh button on the field that says part list.

5. Select Whole MBR once that is finished.

6. Now hit install. A command prompt should appear telling you to press enter to go on.

7. Copy grldr and menu.lst from the grub4dos folder to the root of the usb drive.

8. Open your Hirens Boot disc and copy the entire HNCD folder over to you thumb drive.

Thats it, once its done copying, unmount the drive and enjoy booting your new usb full of wonderful tech tools.

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