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Google Gmail: Archive Hundreds Or Thousands Of Emails At Once From Gmail Inbox

I am a huge fan of Gmail which I use to consolidate multiple email addresses in one location so I can easily search, store, and manage tens of thousands of emails dating years back. One of the issues I run into is archiving email messages or managing more than the default screen of 25 email conversations at a time. There are two tricks that can assist you managing more than 25 messages at a time using the Gmail web interface which I explain in more detail below. It is also possible to use an email client such as Microsoft Outlook to drag and drop email messages between folders or labels as they are known within Gmail.

Archive More Than 25 Gmail Email Conversations In Four Clicks:

One of the methods is to perform an action on all email conversations located in your Gmail account. This method will allow you to archive, report spam, delete, mark as read, mark as unread, add a star, apply a label, or any of the other available actions to a specific GMail label or folder or using the “All Mail” label to apply it to all email located in the Gmail account. Use the directions below to apply an action to more than 25 messages in your Gmail account. In this example we will be archiving all of the email in the main Gmail Inbox.

  1. Select All Messages On Gmail Page: Once you have clicked on the label you want to manage click All underneath the buttons in the center column of your Gmail account. This will select every email displayed on the current viewing screen as shown in the below example.

    Select All Gmail Messages On A Page

    As you can see above clicking All selects all 25 email messages on the current Gmail page.

  2. Select All Messages Within Gmail Label: Now a new message will appear in the center column above the list of Gmail email conversations that will say something similar to “All 25 conversations on this page are selected. Select all 5726 conversations in inbox”. The “Select all 5726 conversations in inbox are underlined indicating that it is a link that will allow you to click it and select all Gmail email conversations within the current label or folder you are working with. Go ahead and click the link to select all Gmail conversations within the current label which will then change the message right above the list of conversations as shown below to “All 5726 conversations in Inbox are selected. Clear Selection”. You can click the “Clear Selection” to remove all of the email conversations from being checked. In this example the label is the Gmail Inbox.

    Select All Gmail Conversations In Label

    So now all of the Gmail conversations in the Inbox are selected.

  3. Select Gmail Action: Now select one of the Gmail actions available such as Archive, Delete, Mark As Read, Move To, or any of the others. In this example we selected the Archive action which pops up a warning shown in the below example image.

    Gmail Action Will Affect All Conversations In Inbox

    Gmail Action Warning Pop Up Message:
    The action will affect all 5726 conversations in Inbox. Are you sure you want to continue?

  4. Confirm Gmail Action: After you read he warning pop up message to make sure you are taking the intended action click the OK button to complete the Gmail action on more than the typical 25 Gmail conversations listed on a single page. Once you click OK it may take Gmail a little but to process the request depending on how many email conversations were selected. While Google is processing the request your Gmail page will look similar to the below example image with a small “Loading…” in the top of the center of the page and a “waiting for mail.google.com” message in the lower left corner of your browser.

    Gmail Action On More Than 25 Conversations Processing

    After performing the action you should verify the Gmail action was processed properly.

The above instructions will work for large groups of email conversations or for every conversation in a specific Gmail label but what if you want to perform an action on more than 25 but less than “all”. The second tip is actually a method which may seem obvious but I wasn’t aware of it initially so I wanted to note it.

Perform Gmail Action On More Than 25 Conversations But Not All Conversations:

The Gmail web interface will actually save state within Labels. If you have say 20 pages of conversations or 500 emails in a specific Label you can actually check a Gmail conversation on one page, click the “older” link to navigate to older email conversations, and select another email conversation that wasn’t on the first page of Gmail messages. After selecting all of the Gmail conversations you want to perform the action on click the Gmail Action button (Archive, Move To, Delete, Spam, etc.) to process the request. You can confirm which email conversations are selected by clicking between the pages using the older and newer links in the Gmail interface. Once you click on a different Label your selections will be lost.

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