Recently a friend asked me to configure a GoDaddy hosting account for him. We started with purchasing the GoDaddy Hosting account and then I walked through the setup with him. One of the portions of the setup has you point the domain to the proper GoDaddy IP address or you can modify the NS to the proper GoDaddy name servers. So if you want to preview the site before the DNS has updated and you can reach it by domain you have to enable Preview DNS on GoDaddy which is described in more detail below.

Preview Your Site Hosted On GoDaddy Before DNS Updates:

Typically GoDaddy’s “Preview DNS” is configured during installation of the GoDaddy Hosting account however it does expire. If your site is new you should be able to visit a URL similar to the below URL to preview your web site. If your domain was “” then you should be able to view it at something like the below URL before the DNS is updated.

Enable GoDaddy Hosting Preview DNS Once It Has Expired:

It is possible the Preview DNS has expired though so you may need to review it. If you believe this is the case then login to your GoDaddy Hosting account and from the main screen, which is also shown in the below image, click on View next to “Primary Domain DNS”.

GoDaddy Hosting Account Management Home Screen:

GoDaddy Hosting Account Management Home Screen

Once you click the View link the DNS section will expand. If Preview DNS is disabled or expired then the Nameservers and A Records sections will display along with Preview DNS stating it is disabled. You can click the Enable link to have Preview DNS setup again which will take some time. After you have clicked Enable the DNS section will look similar to the below.

GoDaddy Hosting Primary Domain DNS: Preview DNS Setup Pending:

GoDaddy Hosting: Preview DNS Setup Pending

After some time the Preview DNS setup will complete at which time you can log back in to obtain the direct URL to view your site.

GoDaddy Hosting Primary Domain DNS: Preview DNS Enabled:

GoDaddy Hosting: Preview DNS Enabled

Make sure the primary domain is not already pointed to the proper IP address since if that is the case you can simply visit the domain to view the site.

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