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I recently was asked by some guys on my team if it was possible to get email notifications for every commit to svn with a description of what was removed, what was committed and a diff if possible. Now it seems like this would be easy and maybe even built into subversion so I checked into that first. There was a ruby script which can be made as a hook-script which is supposed to send email notifications. I spent quite some time trying to get it to work and didn’t have much luck so I decided to research some other options. I ran across a python program which was written specifically for this task called svnmailer.

Below I will detail the steps needed to get svnmailer working on your system:

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If you you receive the following with a Ruby on Rails site:

Ruby On Rails Error:

Only specific requests are allowed.

Only get, head, post, put, and delete requests are allowed.

The solution is to kill existing web/app server processes and restart the web/app server. Then, reload the page.

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