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Install Brother MFC-5890CN On 64-Bit Windows 7 Ultimate

I needed to scan some documents to my 64-Bit Windows 7 Ultimate laptop earlier today at the computer shop so I had to install the shop’s MFC-5890CN printer/scanner/fax. The CD that came with the Brother MFC-5890CN device did not include Windows 7 drivers in 32-Bit or 64-Bit format but I was able to locate the drivers on the web. The instructions below will assist installing the device on Windows 7 64-Bit including the ability to scan documents and images from the MFC-5890CN device to your Windows 7 computer.

Install Brother MFC-5890CN On 64-Bit Windows 7 Ultimate:

  1. Download Windows 7 64-Bit Drivers: Click here to visit the Brother download page that includes the MFC-5890CN Windows 7 64-Bit drivers. Scroll to the bottom of the page which is shown below and click the Download button.

    Brother MFC-5890CN: Windows 7 64-Bit Driver Download

    Once you click the Download button you will be required to agree to the Terms and Conditions on a page similar to the below. Simply click the I Accept button to begin the download of the MFC-5890CN 64-Bit Windows 7 driver download.

    MFC-5890CN 64-Bit Windows 7 Driver Terms

  2. Decompress MFC-5890CN Driver Package: Now decompress the MFC-5890CN driver package by double clicking on the file, which is currently named 5890-INST-WIN-7-A.EXE, that was downloaded from the Brother web site. This will open the below window asking for the location to unpack the files to. The default location is fine unless you prefer to create the folder elsewhere you can navigate to the new location in the window below. Click the Decompress(X) button to unpack all of the driver files.

    Decompress MFC-5890CN Driver Files

  3. Begin Install/Select Language: Now to begin the installation process navigate to the folder that was created in step 2 and will be named mflpro_c2. Once inside the mflpro_c2 folder click on the MFC-5890CN folder and then click on Setup.exe to begin the installation process. Once Setup.exe is clicked on it will launch the Language selection window as shown below. Select your language, which in this example is “Eng” for English, from the drop down menu and then click the OK button.

    MFC-5890CN Driver Install: Select Language

  4. Brother MFL-Pro Agreement: After selecting the language you will be required to agree to the Brother MFL-Pro installation agreement which is displayed below. If you agree click the Yes button to move on.

    Brother Agreement MFL-Pro Installation

  5. MFL-Pro Connection Type: After agreeing to the license terms above you will need to select Connection Type from the installation window displayed in the example image below. In this example the connection type is Wired Network Connection(Ethernet) since the MFC-5890CN is connected to the local network at the computer shop. Select your connection type and then click the Next button.

    Brother MFL-pro Installation Connection Type

  6. Firewall Warning Message: If you get a warning message similar to the below click the OK button and proceed with the MFC-5890CN driver installation. If the installation fails then check your firewall settings.

    Brother MFL-Pro Installation: Firewall Warning

  7. Windows Security Warning Message: The installation process will begin after clicking OK above but you may also receive some Windows Security Warning pop up messages similar to the one below. If you do simply click the Install button to continue.

    MFC-5890CN Driver Install: Windows Security Warning Message

  8. Brother Online Registration: After the installation is completed the below window will display which will allow you to complete the online registration for your Brother device. If you want to complete the online registration and then click the Next button or just click the Next button to continue.

    Brother MFL-Pro Suite: Online Registration

  9. Reboot To Complete Install: After clicking the Next button above you will be displayed the below configuration window that lets you know a restart is required to complete the installation. Click the Yes radio button to reboot now and the No radio button to reboot later and then click the Finish button to continue.

    Brother MFL-Pro Suite Installation Complete: Reboot Now

Once you reboot the MFC-5890CN device should be installed on your computer. You will now see a couple new icons in the Windows notification icon area including one with the letters “CCB” on it. Click that to launch the Brother ControlCenter3 and scan images, etc.

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