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Modify MFC-5890CN Scan Import To Open Adobe Photoshop Instead Of Microsoft Paint

Earlier today I needed to scan in a receipt at the computer shop so I needed to configure the Brother MFC-5980CN all in one printer on my laptop. One of the things that always gets on my nerves about scanning in documents on most scanners is that by default it opens Microsoft Paint which is the worst application for image editing. Below are directions on how to modify the default application for scanning in images on the MFC-5980CN printer from MS Paint to Photoshop.

Modify MFC-5890CN Scan Import To Use Adobe Photoshop:

  1. Open Brother ControlCenter: Double click on the Brother Control Center notification area icon which is the icon with the CCB letters on it as shown in the below image.

    Brother ControlCenter3 Notification Area Icon On Windows 7

    Once the Brother ControlCenter notification area icon is clicked on it will open the Control Center on your desktop similar to the below example image.

    Windows 7: Brother ControlCenter3

  2. Image Scan Configuration: Click the Configuration button located next to the Model of your printer near the top of the ControlCenter3 application. This will produce a drop down menu where you should select SCAN and then select Image from the fly out menu as shown below.

    Brother ControlCenter3: Image Scan Configuration Menu

    Once you click on Image the below configuration window will open that allows you to make numerous configuration changes to the way that images are scanned in on the MFC-5980CN to your computer.

    Brother ControlCenter3 Image Scan Configuration Window

  3. Add Scan To Image Application: The default list of applications that the Brother MFC-5980CN device can scan to will depend on what is installed on your computer but my list included Microsoft Paint, XPS Viewer, Adobe Reader 9, Mozilla Firefox 3, and Internet Explorer 8. If you want to use one of these applications select it and then click the OK button to make the change. If you want to add Adobe Photoshop as the application that images are scanned to then click the Add button next to the Target Application option which will open the window below.

    MFC-5980CN: Add Scan To Image Application

    Type Photoshop in the Application Name field and then click the folder icon to the left of the Application Location field. Once the Browse window opens navigation to the Photoshop.exe application file which on Windows 7 64-Bit is located in the “C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS4 (64 Bit)\” folder. When you double click on Photoshop.exe from the Browse window it will display similar to the below in the Add Scan to Image Application window.

    MFC-5980CN: Add Photoshop As Scan To Image Application

    Once you have named the application and browsed to the Photoshop.exe file click the Add button to display Photoshop as the default application to open in the Image Scan Configuration settings.

  4. Verify Photoshop Open On Scan: Now scan to image from the Brother MFC-5980 to see if Photoshop opens the image on your computer instead of Microsoft Paint.

You can have your computer open any application when an image is scanned from the MFC-5980 printer/scanner/fax using the directions above as long as you know the location of he applications .exe file.

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