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How To Modify TortoiseSVN Login Credentials

This afternoon I ran into an issue that a lot of people probably don’t have which is the need to either use or test multiple SVN logins from the same computer. I manage a couple SVN repositories for a company and like to verify the SVN login credentials before sending the end user the information. The SVN repository is configured on a Linux server however most users use TortoiseSVN on Windows to login.

How To Modify TortoiseSVN Login Credentials:

Please note if you have multiple repositories configured the method below will cause you to have to login to all of the repositories configured in TortoiseSVN again.

First open the folder that contains the SVN repository that you want to login to with different credentials. Right click the SVN repository folder, scroll to TortoiseSVN, and in the side menu select Settings as shown in the below image.

Windows SVN Repository: TortoiseSVN Menu

TortoiseSVN SVN Repository Menu

After clicking on Settings the TortoiseSVN Settings window will open as shown below.

TortoiseSVN Settings Window

Now in the left menu of the TortoiseSVN Settings window click the Saved Data menu item about half way down the list which will open the TortoiseSVN Saved Data window as shown below.

TortoiseSVN Settings: Saved Data

As you can see the button to the right of “Authentication data” can be clicked on in the above picture. Please note again that this will clear saved authentication data for all TortoiseSVN repositories on the computer. Click the Clear button to clear all TortoiseSVN login credentials which will grey the button out since there is nothing left to clear as shown in the below image.

TortoiseSVN: Clear Authentication Data

Now when you attempt to update one of the SVN repositories that is password protected it will ask for a username and password again.

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