One of my clients got a new Panasonic DP-8045 Digital Imaging Device which is a great device for heavy print use. The client needed various things configured on the device including networking so various computers could print to the device. To configure most of the settings you need what Panasonic calls the Operator password.

How To Login As An Operator On A Panasonic DP-8045

Pansonic DP-8045: Front Panel

Near the top right of the front panel of the Panasonic DP-8045 shown above click the round function button. This will open a menu on the touch screen as shown below.

Panasonic DP-8045: Function Mode

Touch the General Settings button on the DP-8045 touch screen to view the available options as shown below.

Panasonic DP-8045: Function Mode General

Now click the down arrow to the right of the General options to reveal option 9 (Key Operator Mode) as shown below.

Panasonic DP-8045: Function Mode General Page Two

Click the number 9 button which is also labeled Key Operator Mode and will require a password as shown below. This is technically the administration login for the Panasonic Digital Imaging Device.

Panasonic DP-8045: Operator Mode Password

The default password for the DP-8045 is eight zeros or “00000000″. To enter the password you must click the Numeric/Symbols button which will open a new window on the touch screen, click zero eight times as shown in the below image, click the Close button in the pop up window, and then click the OK button from original password screen.

Panasonic DP-8045: Default Password Is 00000000

You are now logged in as the operator of the Panasonic DP-8045 Digital Imaging Device.

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5 Responses to “Default Operator Password For A Panasonic DP-8045 Digital Imaging System”
  1. erkael says:

    please dear tel how to clear the tel phone number error display on Panasonic DP 8045 . also setting procedure.


  2. erkael says:



    alex Reply:

    Hello erkael,

    The same message twice is likely not going to get you answers.



  3. ERKAEL says:

    Dear Alex,

    On this copier I have used the steps from function -General… up to entering eight zeros and close , OK. but call technician and his mobile number still doesn’t clear including fuser wave.


    alex Reply:

    Hello ERKAEL,

    Not sure what you are trying to say in your second sentence above. What does the technicians mobile number have to do with the default password?



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