Windows 7 IDT Audio Jack, Allow Reconfiguration Pop-Ups

When I first got my Dell Studio XPS laptop I would get a popup asking for me to specify what was being inserted into the audio jack. At some point I must have reconfigured this and forgotten exactly how I did so though I did remember that it was something to do with reconfiguration pop-ups. After searching around I finally found where you can enable or disable the Audio Jack Reconfiguration Pop-Ups on Windows 7. Follow the directions below to enable the reconfiguration popup on Windows 7 with the IDT software installed.

Enable or Disable Allow Reconfiguration Pop-Ups For Windows 7 Audio Jack:

  1. Locate IDT Audio Control Panel: First click the Windows7 start menu icon and type “IDT” into the search box to display the “IDT Audio Control Panel” in the results as shown below.

    Windows 7 Start Menu: Search IDT

  2. Launch IDT Audio Control Panel: Now click on the IDT Audio Control Panel from the Windows 7 Start Menu to launch it as shown in the below image.

    IDT Audio Control Panel: Windows 7

  3. Open IDT Preferences: Once the IDT Audio Control Panel is open click on the Preferences button located at the top of the window. Once it is open the below IDT Preferences window will show.

    IDT Audio Control Panel: Preferences Tab

  4. Enable IDT Jack Monitoring: In the past the audio jack monitoring has been named “allow reconfiguration pop-ups” however in the IDT Audio Control Panel this has changed. As you can see by hovering above the option it will provide a description of “Enable the display of jack configuration options when a device is plugged in” as shown in the below image.

    IDT Audio Control Panel: Jack Monitoring

    To enable the Jack Monitoring or “Allow Reconfiguration Pop-Ups” click “Enable jack monitoring” and the radio button will turn green as shown below.

    IDT Audio Control Panel: Enable Jack Monitorin

  5. Verify Reconfiguration Pop-Ups: Now when you plug in a device to the “mic” port a window similar to step two should pop up and allow you to set the type of device that was plugged into the audio jack.

In Windows 7 on my Dell Studio XPS the “Allow Reconfiguration Pop-Ups” has been renamed to “Enable jack monitoring” and moved underneath of the IDT Audio Control Panel.

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