Earlier I received a webcast that a colleague of mine wanted me to review to see if a certain service would be a fit for our network. The file he sent over had a .WRF file ending which after some research I found out was a WebEx file meaning WebEx Recording Format. To play this type of file you need the WebEx .WRF Player which can be downloaded here or the files can be converted to WMV (Windows Media Format) to play in the Windows Media Player. To convert the file you have to use the WebEx Editor which allows you to open a .WRF file and export to WMV format. When I attempted to export to WMV I received an error which I describe below along with how I was able to resolve the error.

WebEx Editor Export To WMV Error:

WebEx Export To WMV Error

The error states that “Windows Media Player 9.0 or higher is required to convert the file to .wmv format”. The interesting part is that I attempted to convert the .WRF file to WMV format on a Windows 7 laptop that had Windows Media Player 12.0 installed on it. Initially I thought that the issue must be related to the fact that the laptop was running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and must be having an issue locating the proper Windows Media Player codecs or something. This however was not the case and after troubleshooting more I located a bunch of different WebEx Editor versions including WebEx Editor 2.4 and WebEx Editor 2.8. I received the initial error from WebEx Editor version 2.8 and once I installed WebEx Editor 2.4 it didn’t even have the “Export To” option in the navigation.

Install WebEx Editor Version 3.0 To Export To WMV Format:

Finally I decided to sign up for a trial WebEx account to see if I could locate a newer version of the WebEx Editor and sure enough WebEx Recording Editor version 3.0 was available for download. After downloading the new WebEx Editor I removed all of the previous versions of the Editor and installed the WebEx Editor version 3.0. After doing this I was able to convert WRF files to WMV without issue. If you need information on downloading or installing WebEx Editor 3.0 click here to read a Question Defense article I wrote on the subject.

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