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Canfield Imaging Systems: Backup VISIA SQL Database And Upgrade VISIA 4.2 To VISIA 5.0

Canfield Imaging Systems: Backup VISIA SQL Database And Upgrade VISIA 4.2 To VISIA 5.0

One of my clients uses VISIA medical imaging software from Canfield Imaging Systems for various forms of medical research projects. They have had the VISIA software and imaging station for a year or more and recently needed to upgrade the software to take advantage of some new features available in VISIA 5.0. The client’s VISIA installation was at VISIA 4.2 so it required a major update to get to VISIA version 5.0. Upgrading the software is fairly easy but it is important to make sure you have current backups before the upgrade begins. Follow the directions below to first backup your the Microsoft SQL Server, backup the VISIA files, and then proceed with upgrading VISIA 4.2 to VISIA 5.0.

VISIA Software Upgrade Notices:

When you upgrade VISIA you will be required to reanalyze the VISIA database which will have the below effect on VISIA scores. Make sure to read through the below especially if you rely heavily on the VISIA statistical model. If you happen to do medical research and are in the middle of a study the reanalysis of your VISIA data could throw off your study so make sure you understand the changes mentioned below.

  • Percentile Scores: Percentile scores for all previous VISIA sessions in your database will most likely change. The new scores may be higher or lower, as determined by a comparison to the new statistical model.
  • Consistent Comparison: You will have a consistent basis for comparison of percentile scores between sessions performed before the upgrade and those performed after the upgrade. The VISIA database must be reanalyzed in order to maintain meaningful before-and-after comparisons. Reanalysis needs to be completed only once.
  • New Statistical Models: Percentile scores will be applied to UV Spots, Porphyrins, Brown Spots, and Red Areas. Earlier versions of VISIA software did not include statistical models for these features.

VISIA 5.0 Minimum System Requirements:

  • 2.0 GHz Processor or Faster, Dual-Core Recommended
  • Windows XP Professional or Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit (Vista users must be logged on with administrator privileges)
  • 2GB of RAM for Windows XP Professional, 3GB of RAM for Windows Vista
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • Available USB Port
  • Available Serial RS232 Port (9-pin)
  • 1024×768 Display with 24-bit Color or Better and Open GPL Support
  • Available Disk Space: 40GB Minimum, 60GB to 80GB Recommended

Backup Canfield Imaging Systems VISIA: SQL & Files

There are two major items that should be backed up which include the Microsoft SQL database that stores VISIA data and the VISIA folder on the computer where VISIA is running.

  1. Backup VISIA MS SQL: Choose your typical method for backing up the VISIA SQL database and perform this backup right before beginning the upgrade. If you do not have a typical method for backing up the Microsoft SQL server you should implement a backup strategy and automate it to backup your VISIA data nightly. You can also shutdown the SQL server and copy the entire SQL directory to a backup location or read this article from Microsoft to implement some form of SQL server backup strategy.
  2. Backup VISIA Files: Verify the location of the VISIA software installation which on Windows XP should be something similar to “C:\Program Files\VISIA\” and then copy the entire directory to a backup location preferably on a external hard drive or another computer.

Upgrade Canfield Imaging Systems VISIA 4.2 to VISIA 5.0:

  1. Log On To Windows: First log on to the Windows computer that is running VISIA with a user account that has administrator privileges.
  2. Close All Programs: Close any programs that are running on the computer besides the Microsoft SQL server.
  3. Disable Antivirus Software: Disable or shutdown any antivirus software that is running on the computer where VISIA will be upgraded. Make sure to remember to start the antivirus software once the upgrade is completed though it should happen automatically when the computer is rebooted after the install.
  4. Insert VISIA CD: Insert the VISIA 5.0.6 CD, which is displayed in the example image below, into the computers CD-ROM drive. This should start the VISIA InstallShield Wizard automatically.

    Canfield Imaging Systems: VISIA 5.0.6 Install CD

    If the VISIA InstallShield Wizard does not start automatically then browse the VISIA CD via My Computer and click on setup.exe.

  5. VISIA Welcome Screen: Once the application launches automatically or you have clicked the setup.exe application on the CD the VISIA InstallShield Wizard welcome screen will display as shown in the example image below.

    VISIA InstallShield Wizard Welcome Screen

    Click the Next button on the VISIA InstallShield welcome screen to continue.

  6. VISIA Upgrade Setup Type: After the welcome screen the InstallShield Wizard will display the Setup Type screen where you can select to Upgrade VISIA or perform a New Install of VISIA as shown in the below example image. Since we are upgrading VISIA make sure the Upgrade radio button is selected and click the Next button to continue.

    VISIA InstallShield Wizard: Setup Type - Upgrade

  7. VISIA Upgrade Confirmation: After selecting Upgrade on the previous screen the VISIA InstallShield Wizard will display the Install Confirmation screen as shown in the below image. Click the Install button to begin the process of upgrading VISIA to version 5.0.6.

    VISIA InstallShield Wizard: Install Confirmation

    After you click the Install button the upgrade of VISIA 4.2.0 to VISIA 5.0.6 begins. The process will take between 15 and 20 minutes and the InstallShield Wizard will display progress as shown in the below example image.

    VISIA InstallShield Wizard: Upgrade Progress

  8. VISIA Upgrade Complete: After the VISIA upgrade is completed the InstallShield will look like the below example image. Click the Finish button to exit the InstallShield Wizard, take the VISIA installation CD out of the CD-ROM drive, and then reboot the computer.

    VISIA InstallShield Wizard: Upgrade Completed

  9. Activate VISIA Upgrade: Once the computer is restarted make sure that the VISIA booth is powered on and then launch the VISIA application which will prompt you to activate the software as shown in the below image.

    VISIA Software Activation Warning

    Now insert the VISIA software activation CD which should have come with the VISIA 5.0.6 upgrade CD. After the CD is inserted some items will flash on the screen and once the activation is completed the following message will display. Programming of the HASP key succeeded.

    Programming Of The HASP Key Succeeded

  10. Update VISIA Database: Once activation is complete and VISIA is launched you will be prompted to upgrade the database as shown in the below example image. Click the Yes button to upgrade the database which may take hours depending on the number of customers in the VISIA database as well as the number of images taken for each of the customers.

    VISIA Database Needs To Be Updated

  11. Verify VISIA Upgrade: After the database reanalysis has been completed restart the computer again. Once the computer is back up launch the VISIA software and verify that customer data is intact.

Upgrading VISIA is easy but it is very important to make sure you have good backups just in case something does go wrong at some point during the upgrade such as losing power to the computer where VISIA is being upgraded.

New Features, Functionality, & Statistical Models In VISIA 5.0:

  • 3 Dimensional Viewing: View sections of the skin images in a new 3 dimensional format.
  • Automatic Masking: VISIA automatically draws a boundary excluding facial features such as nose, eyes, lips, and hair called the “analysis mask”.
  • Product Recommendations: Product recommendations can now appear in customer reports.
  • Improved Reports: Customer reports have been improved to include product recommendations in a new user friendly format.
  • 64 Bit Compatibility: VISIA 5.0 will run on Windows Vista 64-Bit operating system.
  • Updated Statistical Model: VISIA’s database of peer groups has been considerably enlarged providing a more robust and significant calculation of percentile scores.

Again make sure that if you did not have automated backups when the upgrade process started that configuring them should be a top priority. It is possible for SQL databases to become corrupted which would cause you to lose all of your VISIA data if no backups exist.

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