I had a Redmine ticket I had been working on with our customer support team at work. After working through the initial ticket that was loosely related to a customer initially ended up being a larger issue and I decided to move the ticket to an engineering project as that is where I actively work tickets typically. When I attempted to move the ticket I received an error stating that it had failed to save. Below I describe what the issue ended up being and how I temporarily modified a setting so I could move the ticket.

Redmine Project Management: Error Moving Issue Between Projects

Redmine: Failed To Save 1 Issue

Redmine Issue Move Error Text: Failed to save 1 issue(s) on 1 selected: #2844

Redmine Tracker Did Not Exist In New Project:

As you can see above the error stated that when I attempted to move the ticket between projects that it did not save. Sure enough when checking the project the issue was moved to it was not there and when going back to the initial project the ticket was still there. The issue ended up being that the Tracker assigned to the ticket existed only in the initial project and not in the project I was attempting to move the issue too.

Temporarily Enable Redmine Tracker For New Project:

To resolve the issue simply go into the administration area for the project you are moving the ticket too. Enable the Tracker that is assigned to the ticket you want to move. Once enabled you will be able to move the ticket which once moved successfully will display the below success message in green.

Success Moving Redmine Issue From One Project To Another:

Redmine Issue Move: Successful Update

After the issue(ticket) is successfully moved to the new project modify the ticket Tracker to a Tracker already used in the Redmine project you moved to. Then go back into the administration section for that project and disable the Tracker you temporarily enabled so the issue could be moved.

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