I have been working with a couple people from over seas and some of their names include accent marks. While I have heard they would not think it to be disrespectful it still seems correct to include the accent mark over the letter in their name because they do so in their signature. There are various ways to accomplish inserting special characters into most applications but Windows 7 actually provides a way that is built into the OS to insert special characters into all of those same applications. Inserting special characters or symbols into any form of document is easy using Windows 7 or Windows Vista using an application built into the Operating System called Character Map. Below I describe how to insert special characters into various types of documents using Character Map on Windows 7.

Insert E With Accent Mark Into Text Document On Windows 7:

First launch Character Map by clicking the Windows icon in the lower left hand corner of your screen and typing “Character Map” into the “Search Programs And Files” box located at the bottom left of the start menu. This will limit the applications in the above list to Character Map only as shown in the below example image.

Character Map Displayed In Windows 7 Start Menu:

Windows 7 Start Menu Displaying Character Map

Once Character Map displays in the Windows 7 start menu click it underneath Programs to launch the Character Map application. This will launch the Character Map application as displayed in the below example image.

Character Map On Windows 7:

Character Map On Windows 7

Once launched you can search for the special character or symbol you want to display. Once the character is displayed you can either copy it to later paste into a text document or once it is highlighted you may also just be interested in noting the Keystroke that should also produce the special character or symbol. Below is an example of what the é character looks like highlighted in Character Map.

é Highlighted In Character Map On Windows 7:

Accented E Highlighted In Character Map

As you can see the Keystroke is “Alt+0233″ and it also states a description of “U+00E9: Latin Small Letter E Acute”. Once a letter is highlighted you can click the Select button to next be able to click the Copy button and then paste into any type of document.

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