Recently I have been sending a lot of emails to a colleague in Portugal whose name ends é. While I was told it is not so rude to simply not include the accent above the E I actually prefer to include the accent to display respect since he actually includes the accent over the E in his signature. Since I am using Outlook 2007 the below Outlook keyboard shortcut will provide the easiest method for you to insert an E with an accent over the top in emails that you compose. After information related specifically to the accent over the E I also discuss inserting other non English symbols into email messages composed with Outlook.

Outlook 2007 Keyboard Shortcut For An E With An Accent Mark:

Ctrl + ', e

So click the control button (Ctrl) and hold it while clicking the apostrophe followed by the “e” key which will produce é. If you want a capital E simply click the control button and hold it while clicking the apostrophe followed by clicking the Shift key and holding while you click the E key.

Other Outlook 2007 Symbol Keyboard Shortcuts:

I was able to obtain the above Outlook keyboard shortcut by visiting the Outlook More Symbols window. While composing a message click on the Insert tab in the top navigation, clicking on the Symbol drop down as displayed in the example image below, and then by clicking the More Symbols link.

Outlook 2007: Insert Symbols, More Symbols

Outlook: Insert Symbols, More Symbols

Once you click More Symbols the Outlook Symbols & Special Characters window will display as shown in the below example.

Outlook Symbols & Special Characters Window:

Outlook Symbols And Special Characters Window

As you can see in the above example with the “é” symbol highlighted you will not only be able to directly insert the symbol into the email message you are composing but you will also be able to view the shortcut key combination that you can type in the future to insert the symbol or special character without having to visit the Outlook Symbol and Special Character display window.

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2 Responses to “How To Insert An Accented E or é In An Email Message Composed With Outlook”
  1. Norma Dean says:

    I am trying NOT to have e’. . .but everytime I type an apostraphe in Outlook 2010 I end up with an e with an accent instead of an apostraphe. I can use the Ctrl key and hit the apostraphe twice and get an apostraphe but that is rather frustrating. Have I made a setting on the keyboard that I’m unaware of??


    alex Reply:

    Hello Norma Dean,

    My guess would be that you have changed the keyboard layout or there is a language setting within Microsoft Outlook that has accidentally been changed. You might try another application that accepts HTML input and see if when you type apostrophe there is it displays as a e with an accent or not.



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