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Get The BIOS Version For A Windows 7 Computer

Getting the BIOS version for a Windows 7 computer can be completed by checking Windows System Information or by verifying it using the Registry Editor. Below we first describe how to open the Windows System Information window to verify your computers BIOS version which includes an example image so you know what to look for. After the System Information method we then describe how to check the Registry Editor to verify the BIOS version.

Check Windows 7 Computer BIOS Version Using System Information:

Checking the BIOS version of your computer using the Windows 7 System Information screen is very easy. Simply click on the Windows Start Menu icon and type “System Information” in the search bar. The top result should be the System Information screen which will launch when you click on System Information. The computer’s BIOS version will display on the default System Information screen as BIOS Version/Date also shown in the example image below. In this example the BIOS Version is Dell Inc A11 and the BIOS Version Date is 9/8/2009.

Windows 7 System Information Screen:

Windows 7 Ultimate: System Information Screen

Check Windows 7 Computer BIOS Version Using The Registry Editor:

You will need to start up the Registry Editor and then drill down into the Registry to locate your BIOS version.

  1. Start Windows Registry: Click the Windows Start Menu button type “regedit” in the search bar and then click the top choice which should be regedit.exe. This will launch the Windows Registry Editor.
  2. Drill Down to System: Now use the tree menu to expand the following items – HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> HARDWARE >> DESCRIPTION >> System. Highlight System which will provide system hardware information.
  3. Read System Variable: There will be variables/settings in the right window once you have highlighted System in the tree menu. One of these items is SystemBiosVersion which will provide the details of your BIOS. Currently my BIOS version is A11 as shown below in the image.

    Windows 7: Registry Editor

As you can see in the image above my current BIOS version is A11 on this Dell laptop computer. You should always check to see if a BIOS upgrade has been released by your PC manufacturer such as Dell or HP. Upgrading the BIOS can resolve issues with your computer though you should make sure to follow each step as recommended by the computer hardware manufacturer.

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