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Windows 7 64-Bit Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver Error, iPhone Driver Issue

The following article is a follow up to an article written on 01-19-201 and titled Sync iPhone Using Bluetooth With Windows 7 Computer. In the comments numerous people have listed issues relating to driver issues as well as playing music from the iPhone iPod application through the Windows 7 computer. Tomorrow we will be writing another article relating to playing music through the Windows 7 computer but first we wanted to provide some insight into the iPhone bluetooth driver issues that are possible on Windows 7 and more specifically driver issues on 64-Bit Windows 7. Below I describe the specific error we were able to duplicate as well as how the issue is resolved by manually installing a driver after installing the Windows Mobile Device Center application package.

Windows 7 64-Bit Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver Error:

Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver Error On Windows 7

As you can see in the above image there is a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark inside of it indicating an error with the driver associated with the bluetooth peripheral device which in this case happens to be my iPhone.

Initial Attempts To Resolve Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver Error:

The first thing I did was bring up the list of bluetooth devices by clicking on Bluetooth Devices located underneath Devices and Printers from the main Windows 7 Control Panel window. Next I right clicked on the iPhone to display the iPhone bluetooth connection properties menu as displayed below in the example image and attempted to let Windows 7 tell me what it thought was wrong by clicking the Troubleshoot option from the properties menu.

Windows 7 iPhone Bluetooth Connection Properties Menu:

Windows 7 iPhone Bluetooth Connection Properties Menu

After clicking the Troubleshoot option from the iPhone bluetooth connection properties menu two different options to start troubleshooting the bluetooth connection problem were displayed. The first option was to install a driver for the Bluetooth Peripheral Device and the second option was to modify the Windows Update to install the newest drivers available for devices on your Windows 7 computer. Modifying the Windows Update driver install policy was easy though you can choose from a couple different options so make sure you completely understand them before modifying this configuration. I recommend allowing Windows Update to automatically install the latest drivers for your device.

Error Attempting To Install Bluetooth Peripheral Device Manually:

Device Driver Was Not Successfully Installed

As you can see above the driver was not installed successfully even though Windows Update was supposed to look for the latest and greatest driver version and install it automatically. The results for both items are shown in the below summary displayed by Windows 7 after attempting both of the recommended resolutions to the Bluetooth Peripheral Device driver issue.

Windows 7: Troubleshooting Has Completed

Windows 7 Troubleshooting Has Completed

So after Windows 7 was unsuccessful in guiding me in the correct direction I decided to attempt my own solution which was put together after some research. Below are a couple steps that will resolve the driver problem with the Bluetooth Peripheral Device on 64-Bit Windows 7.

Resolve Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver Issue On 64-Bit Windows 7:

  1. Windows Mobile Device Site: First visit the Windows Mobile Device Center download web page where you will select downloading the 32-bit or 64-bit version of the Windows Mobile Device Center.

    Download Windows Mobile Device Center

    Select from the two choices available for download which include either 32-bit Windows Mobile Device Center or 64-bit Windows Mobile Device Center.

  2. Pass Windows Genuine Validation: After selecting the proper Windows Mobile Device Center version to download in step one you will be required to pass Microsoft Windows Genuine Validation as displayed in the below images.

    Begin Windows Genuine Validation Process

    You may be required to download a small application to validate your version of Windows 7 which you should go ahead and do. In this instance of Windows Genuine Validation you will run the application which will provide you a code you will need to enter on the Microsoft web site before you can continue downloading Windows Mobile Device Center.

    Continue Windows Genuine Validation Process

    As long as the correct key is entered in the page above you will be done verifying your copy of Windows 7 is genuine after clicking the Validate button.

  3. Download Windows Mobile Device Center: After completing the Windows Genuine Validation process you will be directed to the Windows Mobile Device Center download page as displayed below.

    Download Windows Mobile Device Center For Windows 7 64-Bit

    Click the Download button to start the Windows Mobile Device Center download.

  4. Windows Mobile Device Center Installer: Now double click on the file you just downloaded which was called drvupdate-amd64.exe when I downloaded it. This will launch the Windows Mobile Device Center installer immediately and will complete automatically. During the process a small window will appear as displayed below that shows you what is happening and depending on how fast your computer is the install process should compelte fairly quickly.

    Windows Mobile Device Center Driver Update

    A couple different messages will display during the install process of Windows Mobile Device Center.

  5. Open Bluetooth Peripheral Device Update Driver Software: Now with the Windows Mobile Device Center installed right click on the Bluetooth Peripheral Device from the Windows 7 Device Manager. You can open the Device Manager by right clicking on Computer from the Windows 7 Start Menu and selecting Properties from the menu that appears. After the Computer properties are open click on Device Manager in the left column of options. Once the Device Manager is displayed as shown in the below example image right click on the Bluetooth Peripheral Device and select Update Driver Software from the menu that is displayed.

    Windows 7 Device Manager: Bluetooth Peripheral Device

  6. Select Bluetooth Peripheral Device Drivers: Once you click on Update Driver Software the below window will display.

    Update Driver Software: Bluetooth Peripheral Device

    From the Update Driver Software – Bluetooth Peripheral Device window click on Browse My Computer for Driver Software option to display the below window.

    Windows 7: Browse Computer For Driver

    Now click on the Let Me Pick From A List Of Device Drivers On My Computer to display the Select Your Device Type window as shown below.

    Windows 7 Select Your Device Type From The List Below

    Select Bluetooth Radios from the list in the above list of devices and then click the Next button to display a list of Manufacturers and Models as shown in the below image.

    Windows 7: Select The Manufacturer & Model Of The Driver You Want To Install

    As seen in the above image select Microsoft Corporation from the Manufacturers window and then Windows Mobile-based Device Support from the Model window and click the Next button. After clicking the Next button a warning will appear as displayed below that you can click Yes to proceed with installing the driver.

    Update Driver Warning: Bluetooth Peripheral Device

    After moving past the above warning the Bluetooth Peripheral Device for the iPhone will install and once complete will display the below window to let you know it has completed successfully.

    Windows Has Successfully Updated Your Driver Software

  7. Verify Bluetooth Driver Installed: Now verify the driver installed properly by opening up the Windows 7 Device Manager again and expanding Bluetooth Radios to see if a new radio shows as Windows Mobile-Based Device Support as shown in the below image.

    Windows 7: Windows Mobile-Based Device Support

    You should also scroll down and verify the Bluetooth Peripheral Device no longer shows underneath Other Devices in the Windows 7 Device Manager.

This should resolve any driver issues with the iPhone on Windows 7 64-Bit.

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