Today I had a computer brought in where some basement Craigs list technician  had installed a hacked version of Microsoft Office on a womans computer and she was getting a error message saying it was not genuine. She brought it in to me along with a fresh new copy she had purchased and asked me to install it.  I tried to install it over the hacked copy but I kept getting all kinds of install errors in Spanish or Portuguese or some thing. I then tried to remove the hacked copy and got the same errors along with some that said “Your computer does not support the language of the uninstaller”. After a frustrated morning I found a tool which removes all traces of Office 2007 from the registry and makes it possible to delete the folder afterwards or use a 3rd party uninstaller program.

After I completed the following steps I was able to properly install the legitimate version:

Log on to your machine as a Administrator

Download this tool and unzip it on the computer you want to uninstall office 2007 from

Double click the file called Unistall.exe

Follow the steps to uninstall and the tool will do all the rest removing all the registry entries for office 2007

Once this is completed You can safely delete the office folder to fully remove the program

Reboot and install your legitimate copy of Office 2007 and every thing should work fine.

Here is a picture of the tool being used on a XP machine:


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One Response to “How to Completely Remove Microsoft Office 2007 Registry Entries After a Failed Uninstall”
  1. mattheus says:

    “Your computer does not support the language of the uninstaller”

    i have the same issue except with office 2010 home and student, is there any way i can forcefully uninstall the program? maybe a removal tool similar to the one displayed above?

    that would be great if u could give me some feed-back



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