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“Page Failed to Load” When Trying to Run Control Panel Applications

Today I was working on a Vista laptop and I encountered the error “page failed to load” while trying to open many of the control panel icons. I thought at first maybe the permissions for the user were screwed up even though the user was an administrator. So next I enabled the administrator account and booted into that only to find that the issue was still there. The problem was specifically happening when I tried to select user accounts. In my searching I found may so called “solutions” but none of them survived a reboot. Below I show how I repaired the file system to fix this error.

Here is a screen shot of the exact error that I got:


The way I fixed it was the sfc utility which is included in Vista to repair the the filesystem.

Open a cmd.exe by going to the start menu > accessories > and right clicking on the cm.exe icon and select “Run as a administrator”:


Enter the command:


  1. sfc /scannow

The process will take about 10-15 mins depending on the size of your drive. Once it has finished, reboot and all the icons in the control panel should now open properly.

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