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How To Forcefully Remove A Printer Port, Delete A Printer Port On Windows 7

When attempting to remove a printer port on Windows 7 you may receive an error similar to the below.

Windows 7 Error Removing Printer Port:

Error The Requested Resource Is In Use

Windows 7 Error: The requested resource is in use.

I believe that the error is a chain reaction of sorts meaning you have probably attempted to print a document which has failed. After the failure you started to troubleshoot why the printer would not work properly so you attempted to remove the printer port but the problem is the attempt to print a document probably opened the TCP/IP port being used by the printer and when you attempt to remove it Windows has a safeguard telling you that the printer port is already in use.  To get around this message and forcefully remove the printer port you can stop the Print Spooler service, remove the printer port, and then start the Print Spooler service again. Follow the directions below to remove the printer port. Please note the below images and information relates directly to Windows 7 but the same concept can be used on other versions of Windows.

Forcefully Remove A TCP/IP Printer Port On Windows 7:

  1. Open Windows Services: Click the Windows icon in the lower left corner of your task bar to launch the Start Menu, select the Administrative Tools link from the pop up menu, and then click on Services to launch the list of Windows 7 Services as displayed in the below image.

    Windows 7 Print Spooler Service

  2. Stop Print Spooler Service: In the list of Windows Services will be a service named Print Spooler as displayed in the image above. Right click on this service to display a list of options as shown in the image below and then select Stop to stop the Windows 7 Print Spooler service.

    Windows 7 Services: Stop Print Spooler Service

  3. Delete Printer Port: Now with the Print Spooler service stopped you can proceed to remove the Printer Port you attempted to remove previously. Open the Control Panel and then double click on Devices and Printers to open the configuration window that will display all of your printers. Right click on the printer and select Printer Properties from the pop up menu which will open the Printer Properties configuration window. Click on the Ports tab as displayed in the below image, highlight the port in questions, and click the Delete Port button to remove the Printer Port.

    Windows 7 Printer Properties Port Tab

    This will remove the printer port so if you are attempting to add the printer again you can also add the printer port along with it.

  4. Restart Print Spooler: After the port has been deleted you need to make sure to start the Print Spooler service again. Make your way back to the Windows Services configuration window, right click on the Print Spooler service, and select Start from the pop open menu this time to start the Print Spooler service which will display a message similar to the below one letting you know that the service is being started.

    Windows 7 Print Spooler Service Control: Start Print Spooler

Once the Print Spooler service is started you are either completed with your task or you can begin the process of adding back the Printer and/or Printer Port if you were troubleshooting your printer.

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