I recently had some issues with my printer not working on my home network and during the troubleshooting process I wanted to remove the printer port so I could reinstall the printer all together. The issues ended up being stupidity on my part for adding a temporary device on my network that had the same IP address of the printer so I was able to easily get that resolved once I figured it out by checking the MAC address associated to the IP in question using ARP. I did want to share how I was able to forcefully remove the printer port in Windows 7. These instructions will not only work for Windows 7 but will also work for other Windows versions including Windows Vista and Windows XP. Follow the instructions below to forcefully remove a printer port.


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One Response to “How To Forcefully Remove A Printer Port, Delete A Printer Port On Windows 7”
  1. maynan says:

    am on windows vista 64. i followed this but I am unable to delete the port while the printer spooler has been disengaged. after i stop the printer spooler, all my device printers disappeared. but when i started the service again, I cannot forcefully delete the port while it it active. hayys! any work around to this?


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