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Obtain iTunes Linkshare Affiliate ID By Using The Linkshare Web Site To Generate Affiliate Product Links

I have seen the question many times about how to obtain your iTunes Linkshare affiliate ID using the Linkshare web interface. Part of the problem appears to be that there is some confusion about generating the iTunes product links using the LinkShare web interface. Below is a quick step by step guide about how to generate iTunes products affiliate links using the LinkShare web interface. Also once you have generated one link automatically using the LinkShare web interface I will explain how to extract your iTunes affiliate ID so you could manually build the links in the future.

Generate LinkShare Affiliate Links For iTunes Products Using The LinkShare Web Interface:

  1. Open LinkShare Affiliate Site: Visit linkshare.com which will display similar to the below example image. Once on the LinkShare site click the Login button located on the right side of the top navigation.

    LinkShare Affiliate Site: Click Login Button To Manage Affiliate Links

  2. Login To LinkShare: Once on the main LinkShare site click the Login button located on the right side of the top navigation to display the login page as shown in the example image below. Enter your credentials and click the grey “Log In” button right below the password field.

    Login To LinkShare Affiliate Link Management

  3. Open Get Affiliate Links: Once logged in you will be at a report summary page as displayed in the below example image. Hover over Links in the top navigation and select Product LinkFinder which will open the LinkShare Product LinkFinder which is displayed in step 4.

    LinkShare Affiliate Link Performance Summary

  4. Search iTunes Products: Now on the Product LinkFinder page enter in data relating to the iTunes affiliate link you want to generate. In the example below the search was made on “Loreena McKennitt” which returned numerous Loreena McKennitt albums also displayed in the example image below.

    LinkShare iTunes Product LinkFinder Results

  5. Select Product For Affiliate Link: Now click the “Get Link” button located to the right of the iTunes product you want to build an affiliate link for. If your only goal is to locate the affiliate ID then you can click on any of the “Get Link” buttons which will pop open a new screen similar to the one displayed below.

    LinkShare iTunes Product Link Generated

So it is that easy to generate links using the LinkShare Product LinkFinder web interface. Now below is the URL copied from the bottom of the above example image. I did however click “Text” instead of using the “Image” link to shorten the output which will make it easier to explain how to obtain the iTunes Affiliate ID.

LinkShare iTunes Product Affiliate Link Generated From The Product LinkFinder:


  1. <a href="http://click.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/click?id=nIYMMwtWj4s&offerid=146261.273041031&type=2&subid=0" >Karaoke - In the Style of Loreena McKennitt - Vol. 1</a><IMG border=0 width=1 height=1 src="http://ad.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/show?id=nIYMMwtWj4s&bids=146261.273041031&type=2&subid=0" >

Extract iTunes Affiliate ID From LinkShare Product LinkFinder Generated URL:

Now from the above LinkShare affiliate link you need to look for the id variable which you can easily do by pasting you affiliate link in notepad and searching for “?id=”. Your iTunes affiliate ID will be located directly after this so from the example above the iTunes affiliate ID is “nIYMMwtWj4s”.

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