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How To Find Out How Much Disk Space Is Available On A Mac Running OSX

Earlier I was installing some applications on my little sisters Macbook Pro and needed to verify how much disk space was available. I was installing numerous applications and I wasn’t sure how large her hard drive was or how much space she had already used. Below is a brief explanation on how to find out how much disk space is available on a Mac running OSX, which in this example is specifically OSX Leopard, using both the terminal or some graphical tools.

Determine Available Disk Space On OSX Leopard Using Terminal Window:

I really like the OSX command line interface because it is based off of Unix. I am very familiar with Linux/Unix so even though I rarely use OSX I can find my way around fairly easily. To print out hard disk usage information using the CLI you should first open a terminal window as explained below.

  1. Open Finder Window: Open up a new Finder window on your mac, click Applications on the left side of the Finder window, then scroll down the list of Applications until you can click on Utilities, and again scroll down until you see Terminal as displayed in the below example image.

    Launch OSX Terminal Using The Mac Finder Window

  2. Launch Terminal: Now double click on Terminal in the finder window to launch the OSX terminal as displayed in the below example image.

    OSX Bash Terminal Window

  3. Issue DF Command: The Linux df or “disk free” command will display each partition including the filesystem, size, used, available, use percentage, and mounted on. To make the output easier to read you should use the “-h” switch which stands for human readable.Use The DF Command To Determine OSX Disk Space Usage:

    1. df -h

    OSX Terminal Displaying Available Disk Space Using DF Command

    As you can see in the example above the 75% of the root partition, or mount point “/”, has been used leaving roughly 20GB or 25% of the hard drive left for data.

Determine OSX Free Disk Space Using About Mac Graphical Window:

  1. Open Apple Menu About This Mac: First click on the Apple Menu on your OSX computer and select About This Mac from the drop down menu as displayed below.

    OSX Leopard Apple Menu: About This Mac

    Click on the “About This Mac” option from the OSX Apple Menu to display the Mac OSX summary information window as displayed below.

    About This Mac OSX Display Window

  2. About This Mac More Info: As you can in the Mac OS X display window about there is not any information about disk size so click the More Info button near the bottom of the display window above to open a comprehensive list of items on your Mac.

    About This Mac More Info: Hardware

  3. Display Serial ATA Info: Click on Serial ATA, which is your hard drive, in the left column of the above “More Info” display window to display details regarding how much disk space is being used or how much disk space is left available.

    About This Mac More Info: Serial ATA Disk Space

    As you can see in the above image of the Serial ATA informational window it will display the total hard drive capacity and how much disk space is left available to be used.

Now you can obtain OS X disk space information two different ways so you can select which ever method is easiest for you to complete.

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