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Search Term Suggestions & Statistics: Alternatives To The Overture Keyword Selector Tool

A long time ago I used to use the Overture Keyword Selector Tool to review keywords I was running ads for. The Overture Keyword Selector would allow you to type in a keyword or group of keywords to see how many times that keyword(s) or like keywords had been searched in a specific time period. This can be useful not only for ads that you may be running but it can also be useful for content in articles that you write. The more you use keywords that are popular the more traffic you can generate. The Overture Keyword Selector Tool is no longer available so below are two alternatives that provide a similar service.

Overture Keyword Selector Tool Alternatives:

The two sites below can provide ideas for other keywords to advertise for or provide ideas for keywords to include in articles or content that you may publish on the Internet. Using popular keywords can assist in gaining more traffic to the article or content you have published.

Trellian Free Search Term Suggestion Tool: link

The first option is Trellian which is pictured below after a search for the keyword “wpa cracker”. I wanted to provide an example of something fairly obscure that would generate some unique ideas and since we offer a WPA Cracker in our Tools section this made since. The link above takes you directly to the Free Search Term Suggestion Tool where you will be required to input four alphanumeric characters, the search term, and then click the Submit button. After doing this you will see results similar to the below.

Trellian Free Search Term Suggestion Tool

As you can see in the example above using “wpa cracker” there will definitely be some unique suggestions that can help you think outside the box for terms to use in advertising or content for your site.

Wordtracker Free Keyword Suggestion Tool: link

Another site that will provide free keyword suggestions is Wordtracker. Wordtracker is very similar to Trellian as shown in the below example image. I used the keyword(s) “wpa cracker” again so you could see the different results provided by each search term tool.

Wordtracker: Free Keyword Suggestion Tool

While it appears that Wordtracker usually provides less results than Trellian I suggest using both sites to provide as many unique search terms as possible.

Other Search Term Suggestion Tools:

Google also provides search term suggestions with their Adwords service and this by far is a better tool over the above to sites however the above two sites do not require an account to use them. There are many other options out there as well so if anyone has other suggestions for good search term/keyword suggestion tools we would love to hear what they are.

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