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Wordlist Menu Tool for Backtrack 4 Final

I get really sick of trying to remember all the commands I use to work with wordlists so I had some free time and decided to finally get it all in one place.  I started out just gathering all my notes in a text file but then I decided to code up a menu to make the commands easy to access. Normally I would keep something like this just for my own use since I doubt any one would want it but I decided to release it anyway.

Since I develop for Backtrack Linux I did code this to work on Backtrack 4 final. It would be fairly easy to convert this to work on any distro though provided you had all the dependencies. The file paths would have to be corrected but other than that it should work fine.

The tools you would need to meet the depends are:

  1. Wyd.pl
  2. Crunch
  3. CUPP
  4. Pw-inspector (part of hydra)
  5. sed , cat , tr (all standard on most linux distros)

If you use Backtrack 4 though this script will work out of the box.

Here is a screen shot of the menu:



I added 3 new options to the menu

  1. Combine a directory full of text files into one big text file
  2. Split one large file in to many small files based on line number
  3. Capitalize the first letter of first word on each line in a list

I also modified the #6 option to remove all non ascii chars instead of just ^M and ^Z

The script was getting to big for the post so it is now available in our tools section:


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