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Roxio 2010: The File You Are Trying To Use Cannot Be Edited, And Has Not Been Added

When using Roxio Creator Premier 2010 to encode a video to DVD format and burn to disc I received an error. I have been burning AVI, MPEG, MP4, Quicktime, and other video formats using this version of Roxio Creator 2010 for some time so I was surprised to receive an error. Initially I thought that the error was caused by file permissions on the file because a friend had provided it to burn and this was the only initial difference that I could find with the video versus other videos that I had burned. Below I describe how to troubleshoot this error and what I eventually did to resolve and move past this error. In the end I was able to burn this video using Roxio Creator 2010.

Error: The file you are trying to use cannot be edited, and has not been added.

Roxio Creator 2010 Error On Windows Vista:

The File You Are Trying To Use Cannot Be Edited

As you can see in the above error it appears that there may be file permission issues or something similar. In my case this was not the problem but instead the issue related to the video codecs that were installed on Windows Vista. If you receive the above error I suggest taking the below steps. Typically if you cannot play the movie using Windows Media Player than Roxio Creator will not encode the movie into another format. In my case I could view the video using KMPlayer but Windows Media Player was unable to view the movie.

Download Gspot To Check The Video Codec Required To Play Movie:

GSpot is a great freeware application that will display lots of information regarding any video file such as video codec required, audio codec required, length of the video, and much more. You can download GSpot from CNET by clicking here. The file downloaded from CNET will be a zip file, such as GSpot270a.zip or similar, that will need to be unpacked so go ahead and unpack the file now. There will be a couple files extracted including GSpot.exe, GSpot27.dat, and a couple text files. You can run GSpot without installing it so go ahead and double click on GSpot.exe which will launch the application as displayed below.

GSpot Before A Video File Is Loaded:

Use GSpot To Determine Required Video Codec

Another cool thing that GSpot does it tell you the number of video codecs that are installed on the computer. In the case above you can see that there are 213 video codecs installed. Now click the light blue button underneath the File section and to the right of the Path option. Browse to the movie you are having trouble burning with Roxio Creator 2010 and wait for the results. Results from Gspot will look something similar to the below which show that the MPEG-4 codec is required to play this AVI movie.

GSpot After AVI File Displaying MPEG-4 Required:

GSpot Displaying MPEG-4 Codec Required To Play AVI

I have seen Gspot display that a codec was installed even though the video file won’t play in Windows Media Player so the trick is to let GSpot point you in the right direction and pursue getting that codec installed properly so Windows Media Player will play the file. Once that happens you will more than likely be able to encode and burn the movie using Roxio Creator 2010.

Install Video Codecs On Windows Vista:

On Windows Vista you can simply install an entire video codec pack provided Shark007 by clicking here. Once downloaded you can install easily by double clicking the VistaCodecs_v554.exe file you just downloaded. You will want to close Roxio Creator and Windows Media Player before starting the installation. In my case on Windows Vista installing this video codec pack resolved the error that Roxio Creator 2010 was providing. If you are not using Roxio or this codec pack does not resolve your issue I would continue to verify that the proper video codec is installed and search for the proper video codecs online.

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