There are numerous reasons that you may either want to connect to Windows Remote Desktop on a different port or have Remote Desktop listen on a different port. The primary reason I wanted to configure this was my ISP does network scans every couple of months and if you have external ports listening they will suspend your service in an attempt to both cut down on viruses, spam, and to get you to upgrade your service to a business account that allows you to run servers. I wanted to be able to connect to a Windows Vista box at my house remotely and one of the ports included in my ISP’s scan list is the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) TCP port 3389. To get around this you can either configure RDP to run on a different port and simply use your router to directly NAT through the new port or I suggest you simply using Port Forward on your router to route another port from the external IP address to the TCP RDP port 3389 on the Windows computer running Remote Desktop. Below I describe connecting to a port other than the default TCP port 3389 from the Remote Desktop client.

Use Remote Desktop To Connect To A Port Other Than TCP Port 3389:

Again my suggestion would be to run RDP on the default TCP port of 3389 and use your router to Port Forward a different port from the outside IP address into TCP port 3389 on the computer running Remote Desktop. If you are using a router running DD-WRT then you would login, click the NAT/QoS tab, click the Port Forward sub tab, add the port forward, click the Save button, and then click the Apply button. An example of the DD-WRT port forward screen is below.

Example Port Forwarding On A Router Running DD-WRT:

DD-WRT Port Forward TCP RDP port 3389

Once you have figured out how you are going to run Windows Remote Desktop on a different port you can connect to that different port directly from the Remote Desktop client. Instead of just typing the IP address or the domain you want to connect to you will instead need to add the port to the end of the IP or domain similar to the below example.

Use Windows Remote Desktop Client To Connect To A Different Port:

Use Windows Remote Desktop Client To Connect To A Different Port

As you can see above instead of typing just “″ you would type “″ to connect to Remote Desktop connection that is listening on TCP port 9874. If you waned to make a remote desktop connection to the domain “” then you would type “″ to make the connection to RDP running on port 9874.

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