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Modify WordPress Plugin Shashin Default Thumbnail Size

I have been using the Shashin WordPress plugin for awhile now to display my Google Picasa image galleries. This plugin basically generates pages on your site that embed the images from your Picasa image galleries. So far I have been really satisfied with the plugin and tried numerous other Picasa plugins before settling on this one. One thing I needed to change because of the layout of my site was the default size for the album thumbnails which is 160 pixels. Below I describe how to modify this size so you can display more albums in a smaller amount of space.

Modify Shashin WordPress Plugin Google Picasa Album Thumbnail Size:

The Shashin plugin folder located in the “wordpress-root/wp-content/plugins/shashin” has a file with variables that can easily be changed. You will need to modify Shashin.php directly on the server or by modifying the file and then uploading the file using FTP to your server. The full path to the file is below.

Shashin Plugin File Modification Path:


  1. /path/to/wordpress/root/wp-content/plugins/shashin/Shashin.php

On line 55 of the Shashin.php file is the setting for album thumbnails and while Google Picasa may only provide these thumbnails in 160px160px there is no reason you cannot force them smaller. This can be done by modifying line 55 in the Shashin.php file. In the example below I modified the default of 160 to 80 to cut the album thumbnail size in half.

Shashin.php Line 55 Picasa Album Thumbnail Size:


  1. define('SHASHIN_ALBUM_THUMB_SIZE', 80); // Picasa offers album thumbnails at only 160x160

That is really it. Modify the thumbnail size to whatever pixel width and height that you want the Picasa album thumbnails to display as.

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