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Record DirecTV Programs While Not At Home With Your iPhone

If you have ever forgot to record a show on your DVR and missed a game or a show that you really wanted to see you will be happy to know that you can now record programs using your iPhone or any web enabled mobile device to record DirecTV programs. The directions below are specific to DirecTV however they are similar for the mobile web applications as well. The DirecTV iPhone application will allow you to not only browse shows that are upcoming but it will also allow you to record any upcoming shows to any of the DVR’s are your house. Follow the directions below to use your iPhone to record DirecTV satellite tv shows to the DVR’s at your house while you are traveling or simply away from your home.

Use Your iPhone To Record DirecTV Programming To The DVR’s At Home:

  1. Install DirecTV iPhone App: If you have not already done so go ahead and install the DirecTV iPhone application which can be done by clicking here which will add the DirecTV iPhone App to your iTunes and will synchronize to your iPhone the next time your sync with iTunes.
  2. Launch DirecTV iPhone App: Once you have the DirecTV iPhone application installed on your iPhone double click on the icon to launch the application. This will open the DirecTV application to the login screen as displayed in the below image.

    Login To The DirecTV iPhone Application

    You can login to this application using your www.directv.com account login information. If you don’t have a login already visit the site to register. Once you have logged in the initial DirecTV iPhone application screen will look like the below.

    DirecTV iPhone App Launch Screen

  3. Search DirecTV Programming: Now you will want to click the “Search For Shows” button which will direct you to typing in a search for the show you want to record as displayed below.

    DirecTV iPhone App: Search DirecTV Programming

    Once you type in the name of the show you are searching for click the Search button in the lower right corner which will display the search results. More than likely the show will actually be in a sub set of those search results. So when initially looking for “Kentucky Basketball” in the search the results below were returned.

    DirecTV Search For Shows Results On iPhone

    So I was looking for the Kentucky Basketball game on DirecTV today which is the Arkansas vs. Kentucky game so I would now click on that to display the different possibilities as shown in the below image.

    DirecTV iPhone App Sub Results

    Select the actual show based on channel and time that you want to record which will display the following details about the show.

    DirecTV iPhone Show Detail Display

  4. Record DirecTV Show Settings: Once you have located the show you want to record and you are viewing the details of the show a “Record This Program” button will display at the bottom of the show details as shown in the above image. Click the Record This Program to display details about recording the show on your DVR which include the DVR you want to record to, the priority of the recording, and the length of time to keep the recording as displayed in the below image.

    DirecTV iPhone App Record Shows DVR Settings

    If you click each white bar you will see the various options available for each setting as displayed in the below images.
    DirecTV iPhone App: Select Receiver To Record Show To DirecTV iPhone App: Record Shows Priority Setting DirecTV iPhone App: Record Shows Keep Until Settings

  5. Record DirecTV Programming: Once all of the settings have been modified to your satisfaction click the green Record This Program button to send the message to your DirecTV DVR receivers to record the show. If the message is sent successfully you should see a success message similar to the below.
    DirecTV iPhone App: Record Show To DVR Success

Now you don’t have to worry about forgetting to record something as it can be completed from anywhere at any time from your iPhone.

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