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Sync iPhone Using Bluetooth With Windows 7 Computer

I recently purchased a Windows 7 laptop and I wanted to see what Bluetooth synchronization capabilities were for an iPhone and Windows 7. Synchronizing your iPhone with Windows 7 will allow you to easily synchronize Contacts, Calendar items, E-mail, and Notes as well as play music from your iPhone directly through your Windows 7 computer speakers. Synchronizing between Windows 7 and your iPhone is easy to do though you should always make sure to disable Bluetooth when you are not using it for security reasons. If you don’t want to disable Bluetooth every time after you connect your iPhone at least make sure that neither device is discoverable after configuration is complete. Follow the directions below to synchronize your iPhone with your Windows 7 computer using Bluetooth.

Synchronize iPhone With Windows 7 Using Bluetooth:

  1. Make iPhone Bluetooth Discoverable: First on your iPhone click the Settings icon on the iPhone desktop to display the settings menu as displayed below.

    iPhone Settings

    Once on the iPhone Settings screen click the General option located near the bottom of the initial iPhone Settings screen which will open the General Settings as displayed below.

    iPhone General Settings Screen

    The iPhone General Settings screen will display the status of Bluetooth which in the above example is “On”. Click the Bluetooth option to display the iPhone Bluetooth Options as displayed in the below image.

    iPhone Bluetooth Settings

    If Bluetooth is set to Off simply move the slider to the On position. This will make your iPhone discoverable which is where we want to leave the iPhone device while we begin the configuration on the Windows 7 computer.

  2. Windows 7 Add A Device: Now on the Windows 7 computer launch the Control Panel by clicking the Windows Start icon in the lower left corner and selecting Control Panel from the Start Menu which will launch the Windows 7 Control Panel as displayed below.

    Windows 7 Control Panel Screen

    Once Control Panel is open click the “Add A Device” link underneath “Hardware and Sound” to launch the Add a Device configuration window as displayed below.

    Windows 7 Add A Device

    If you don’t see the iPhone immediately don’t worry it should show up in a couple seconds. If it doesn’t try to move the iPhone closer to the computer to see if that is the problem.

  3. Add iPhone To Windows 7 Via Bluetooth: Now click the iPhone icon in the Add a Device configuration window to highlight it and then click the Next button at the bottom of the window. This will pop open a window on the iPhone as well as a new configuration window on the Windows 7 Computer as displayed below. You need to compare the pairing number on both computers and if it is the same click OK on each device.

    Compare Pairing Codes On Windows 7

    Your iPhone will display the below pop up window which should have the pairing code confirmed on both devices before clicking Allow.

    Pair With Your iPhone

  4. iPhone Bluetooth Pairing Confirmation: Once the pairing code has been confirmed on both devices you should see a confirmation message similar to the below.

    iPhone Successfully Paired With Windows 7

  5. iPhone Synchronization Settings: If the “Bluetooth Phone Operations and Settings” window does not open automatically you can open Control Panel again and click on “Devices and Printers” located underneath “Hardware and Sound” which will display similar to the below image.

    Windows 7 Devices And Printers

    Double click on the iPhone icon located on the “Devices and Printers” configuration screen to open the Bluetooth Phone Operations and Settings configuration screen as displayed below.

    Windows 7 Bluetooth Phone Operations And Settings

    Before you can actually synchronize you need to configure the items to sync by clicking on the “Synchronization Settings” in the left navigation menu which will open Synchronization Settings configuration window as displayed in the below image.

    Windows 7 Synchronization Settings

    Select the items you want to synchronize and then click the Apply button at the bottom of the Synchronization Settings configuration window.

  6. Bluetooth Synchronization Action: Now back on the Bluetooth Phone Operations and Settings screen you can select the action you want to perform. This will include backing up your iPhone over Bluetooth, restoring your iPhone over Bluetooth, or synchronizing your iPhone over Bluetooth. An example of synchronizing your iPhone with a Windows 7 computer over Bluetooth is below.

    Windows 7 Synchronization Item Selection

  7. Play iPhone Music On Windows 7: You will also notice that you can now play the iPod on your iPhone through your Windows 7 computer speakers. To do this simply start playing music on the iPhone while the iPhone is connected via Bluetooth with the Windows 7 computer which will pop open the below window on the Windows 7 Computer.

    Windows 7 iPhone Music Controls

    The iPhone might look like the below image while playing music through the Windows 7 computer.

    iPhone Playing Music Through Windows 7

    Notice that at the bottom of the iPhone image it displays that it is connected using Bluetooth to the Windows 7 computer.

As you can see synchronizing your iPhone with Windows 7 is fairly easy and provides some nice features to keep all of your data synchronized as well as removing some of the processing power it might take to play the music using something like iTunes.

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