Add Mac alias or Windows shortcut to a note in Evernote

I’m not quite convinced that Evernote can scale by embedding files in the notes. Also, my files are organized in a directory structure that I would like to retain outside of Evernote. Therefore, I would like to add an Mac alias or Windows shortcut to my file/folder inside the note. Unfortunately, the link feature in Evernote does not accept file links, only web links. So, this was my around it and worked quite nicely:

  1. Get a utility that can copy the file path (In Path Finder for Mac OS X, right click > Copy Path > URL)
  2. Paste the file path (eg. file://localhost/Users/patelc75/file.txt) into the Source URL field in the header of the note.
  3. Click the small arrow next to the source URL field in the Evernote header and it will open the folder or file specified in the file path

Since the “Source URL” field is included in all notes, it’s a standardized place for me put the directory path for files associated with the note.

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