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Lacie 2Big Network NAS Device: Shares Not Displaying In The Admin Interface

A small business I with has a Lacie 2Big Network NAS device which they use as a place for users personal folders and a company wide share. The Lacie 2Big Network has a lot of features for a little device that I initially though was basically nothing more than an external hard drive. This is not the case though and the Lacie 2Big Network functions as a feature full Network Access Server for small businesses. The software on the device though had been causing lots of problems including not allowing me to configure new users on existing shares, slow file transfers, and automatically logging me out from the web admin interface. The main issue though was the device was basically stuck in its current configuration since I could not add new users to shares. Below I describe the software that was on the device followed by a software update that resolved all of the issues.

Upgrade Lacie 2Big Network To Resolve Issues With Network Shares Configuration:

Initial Software Version: 2.0.7

The Lacie 2Big Network was initially running software revision 2.0.7 which appeared as the most recent software available on the Lacie web site. After further investigation I decided to login to the web site and register the device. Once registered I was pleasantly surprised that there was actually a software update available as displayed in the below image.

Lacie.Com: 2Big Network Firmware Upgrade

As you can see above you can click on the “Download your update now!” link to download the latest are software which is currently system version 2.2.3. Below are the three main issues I had before attempting the upgrade.

Issues With Lacie 2Big Network Software Version 2.0.7:

  1. Shares: Unable to display current or add new  Shares via the web administration control panel.
  2. Users: You were able to add users but you could not add the network shares to those users.
  3. Speed: Many users complained of file transfer speeds.
  4. Web Control Panel: The web control panel would randomly log you out. This sometimes was completely random though most of the time if you did not let a page completely load before visiting the next page it would log you out of the web control panel.

Upgrade Lacie 2Big Network To Software Version 2.2.3:

So after downloading the package specified above unpack it and then visit this link. You will first need to unpack the downloaded file and install the new Lacie Network Assistant which is version 1.3. Follow the instructions at the link in the first sentence of this paragraph. This will walk you through upgrading via the Network Assistant. Please note that you must run the Lacie Network Assistant from the same LAN as the Lacie 2Big Network. Upgrading is easy though when the device reboots it is likely that the IP address of the device will change. If that happens don’t worry you can easily configure it back to the correct IP address using the Network Assistant. Below is a view of what the Lacie 2Big Network System Maintenance page looks like using the web control panel.

Lacie 2Big Network: Control Panel System Maintenance

Lacie 2Big Network Issues Resolved:

After the upgrade I started testing the previous issues starting with being able to view the network Shares via the web control panel. Below is an image of the network shares via the upgraded Lacie 2Big Network.

Lacie 2Big Network: List Of Network Shares

The issue beyond displaying Shares was the fact that you could not apply those Shares to users. When you would attempt to display the list of Shares from within user configuration the web control panel would not return anything. Now the shares immediately display without issue as shown below.

2Big Network: Apply Shares To A User

I could not be happier with the upgraded software (2.2.3) released for the Lacie 2Big Network. Lacie actually mentions on their site that the new software version doesn’t fix many bugs but that it does provide a lot of new features. I would have to disagree with this statement since all of our issues were resolved by upgrading. If you have a Lacie 2Big Network or a Lacie 5Big Network I would suggest upgrading the software version as soon as you can.

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