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Import Outlook Calendar Item Into Google Calendar, .ICS Import

If you use Google Calendar as your primary calendar for work the chances are that from time to time you receive calendar items from people using Microsoft Outlook. These calendar items which are sent as .ICS files are easy to import into Google so you don’t have to manually type the entry into your Google Calendar. Follow the directions below to import Outlook calendar items into Google Calendar.

**NOTE: If you are using Thunderbird to copy/paste iCalendar items into ICS files and then import into Google Calendar you will more than likely receive an import error. Please read this article for a resolution to that issue. The error will say “Failed to import events. Could not upload your events because you do not have sufficient access on the target calendar.” This may be a problem with other mail clients as well but I have only confirmed it to be so with Thunderbird.

Import Outlook .ICS Calendar Items Into Google Calendar:

  1. Create ICS File: If the calendar item was attached as a .ICS file then proceed to step two. If it was not you need to create a ICS file using the contents of the email. Copy the contents of the email beginning with “BEGIN:VCALENDAR” and ending with “END:VCALENDAR”. Below is an example of me selecting all of the text in a email with a Outlook calendar item displayed in Thunderbird. After highlighting all of the text I will click the Edit top navigation item again and select Copy from the drop down.

    Copy Email With Outlook Calendar Item Using Thunderbird Email Cient

    This will be slightly different depending on the email client you are using but the goal is to highlight all of the Calender Item text using the above markers for start and end. Now open notepad on your computer and paste the contents of the Calendar Item into Notepad as displayed below.

    Paste Calendar Item Contents From Email Into Notepad

    Next we need to save the text we have just pasted into notepad as a ICS file. Clic File in the top naviation of notepad and select Save As from the drop down. This will open a box where you can navigate to the location where you want to save the file as well as name the file. Make sure to change the “Save as type:” drop down to “All Files (*.*)” as displayed in the below image, then name the file, and save to a convenient location on your computer.

    Save ICS File Using Notepad

  2. Save Outlook Calendar Item: When you receive the email with the Outlook calendar item it will either display as discussed in step one or will be an attachment to the email you receive. The file will be named some letter and number combination with a .ICS file type ending. Save this file to a convenient location on your computer that you will remember such as your Desktop.
  3. Open Google Calendar: Now login to your Google calendar which should display a screen similar to the below.

    Google Calendar Start Screen

  4. Open Google Calendar Import: Now from the Google Calendar screen click the Add link underneath the Other Calendars section of the left Navigation as displayed below.

    Google Calendar: Add Other Calendars Menu

    Select the Import Calendar option from the pop up menu too display the Import Calendar configuration window as displayed below.

    Google Calendar: Import Calendar Configuration Window

  5. Import Calendar Item: Now browse the the location of the ICS file, select the proper calendar to import this item to if you have multiple calendars, and click the Import button. This should happen very quickly and should display a success message as displayed below.

    Google Calendar: Successful Import Of ICS File

The event will now display on your Google Calendar.

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