What Linux RPM Package Installs Netstat

I needed to see what Linux package installed netstat so I could attempt to install the netstat application on my laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit. I first thought that maybe there was a netstat package that installed netstat as a standalone application but that was not the case.

Question:What Linux RPM package installs Netstat?

Answer:The net-tools RPM package installs netstat.

The net-tools package is not available via cygwin so if you were looking for the Linux version of netstat on Windows you might consider another alternative like X-NetStat. Below I describe how I was able to find the package that installed netStat.

The easiest way is to check the manpage of any application. The last line should include the package that installed the application, the development date, and the actual package that was installed. The below shows a clip from the bottom of a manpage.

Bottom Of Netstat Manpage On CentOS Linux:


  2. The netstat user interface was written by Fred Baumgarten the man page
  3. basically by Matt Welsh . It was updated by Alan Cox but could do with
  4. a bit more work. It was updated again by Tuan Hoang .
  5. The man page and the command included in the net-tools package is totally rewritten by Bernd Eckenfels
  6. .
  8. net-tools 19 December 2000 NETSTAT(8)

The way that I personally find out what RPM package installs a certain application is to use yum on a CentOS Linux server. The yum command has a switch called whatprovides that will allow you to search the package managers list of packages and find out what installs any application. This will show you any package that might include the application you are looking for. Below is an example of the yum command using the whatprovides switch to find out what RPM package installs netstat.

Use Yum On CentOS Linux To Find Out What RPM Package Installs Netstat:


  1. [root@dev ~]# yum whatprovides "*bin/netstat"
  2. Loaded plugins: fastestmirror
  3. Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
  4.  * rpmforge: apt.sw.be
  5.  * atomic: www5.atomicorp.com
  6.  * base: mirrors.tummy.com
  7.  * updates: mirror.raystedman.net
  8.  * addons: yum.singlehop.com
  9.  * extras: mirror.raystedman.net
  10. mindi-busybox-1.7.2-1.el5.rf.i386 : Busybox version suited for Mindi
  11. Matched from:
  12. Filename    : /usr/lib/mindi/rootfs/bin/netstat
  14. net-tools-1.60-78.el5.i386 : Basic networking tools.
  15. Matched from:
  16. Filename    : /bin/netstat
  18. net-tools-1.60-78.el5.i386 : Basic networking tools.
  19. Matched from:
  20. Filename    : /bin/netstat

So net-tools includes netstat along with a bunch of other command line network tools. The net-tools package is not available to be installed via cygwin on Windows however many of the same tools are available on Windows by default.

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