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Uninstall QTTabBar In Windows 7, QTTabBar Causing Windows Explorer Issues

I have been using QTTabBar in Windows XP for over a year and have been really satisfied with the functionality it added to Windows Explorer. When I received my new laptop one of the first applications I installed was the QTTabBar and at first it seemed as though things were working without issue. After a short amount of time I realized that there were some issues the most obvious being the fact that every time a Windows Explorer Window was opened the QTTabBar tabs would be blank and most of the time the the QT Tab Standard Buttons toolbar would not be displaying when Windows Explorer was launched. Below I describe the issues I saw having QTTabBar installed with Windows 7 in detail.

Below is the primary error I continued to see when Windows Explorer windows were open with QTTabBar toolbars enabled. I also received many Windows 7 blue screen crashes that I am fairly certain most, if not all of the crashes were related to QTTabBar being installed on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit.

Windows 7 QTTabBar Error: Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working

Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working: QTTabBar

Windows 7 Blue Screen Crash:

Windows 7 Blue Screen Crash

The other primary issues as mentioned at the beginning of the article were the fact that the initial QTTabBar tabs would be displaying blank when in fact the name of the folder should be displayed in the tab. Also most of the time the QT Tab Standards Button toolbar would not display until you disabled it and then immediately enabled it again. Below I show three different images of QTTabBar issues when installed on Windows 7.

Windows 7 QTTabBar Error: Blank QT Tabs

QTTabBar Error: Blank Tabs In Windows 7

Windows 7 QTTabBar Error: QT Tab Standard Buttons Toolbar Not Displaying

Windows 7: QT Tab Standards Button Toolbar Not Displaying

How QTTabBar With QT Toolbars Enabled Should Display In Windows 7:

How QTTabBar Should Display In Windows 7

So needless to say after all of the issues and being able to fairly certain say many of the initial issues I have seen with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit have been related to the QTTabBar installation. I assume whatever issue it is causing is amplified by the fact that it continues to cause Windows Explorer to crash which is the foundation of the OS. You can uninstall QTTabBar on Windows 7 following the directions below.

Uninstall QTTabBar On Windows 7:

  1. Launch QTTabBar Setup: If you have already deleted the QTTabBar installation executable then download it again from here. Once you have the QTTabBar.exe file double click on it to launch the QTTabBar installation application again as displayed below.

    Windows 7 QTTabBar Setup Wizard

  2. Choose Action: After clicking the Next button from the QTTabBar Setup Wizard start screen select the Uninstall radio button as displayed in the below image.

    Windows 7: QTTabBar Choose Action

  3. Uninstall QTTabBar: Click the Next button after selecting Uninstall above to complete the QTTabBar uninstallation process. Once the QTTabBar application has been uninstalled the window below will display. Click the Exit button to complete the process.

    QTTabBar Uninstallation Successfully Finished

There aren’t any other great third party applications that I am aware of that provide Windows Explorer tabbed functionality in Windows 7 however there is a Windows Explorer replacement that I have quickly become attached to called CubicExplorer. Click here to learn about CubicExplorer on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit and let Windows Explorer collect dust while you work in a window management application that actually provides useful features.

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