Firefox Cache Location, View And Edit Firefox Cache Using Only Firefox

Firefox Cache Location, View And Edit Firefox Cache Using Only Firefox

Earlier tonight I was making some modifications on a web site I helped build and needed to verify that some things were not being stored in the cache. At the time I was testing the site with Mozilla Firefox version 3.5.7 and needed a quick way to open cache history and verify one specific file was not cached. Below is a brief explanation of how to use Firefox to verify its own cache and steps on how to verify a file in cache and then delete that same file from the Firefox cache.

View Mozilla Firefox Cache From Firefox:

By typing “about:cache” into the address bar of Firefox and clicking Enter you will receive a summary of the Firefox cache files broken down into three categories. The three Mozilla Firefox cache categories include Memory Cache Device, Disk Cache Device, and Offline Cache Device. Memory cache describes files that are currently cached in the computers memory. Disk cache and offline cache are similar but the disk cache is the active cache that instead of being stored on memory is stored on the disk and the offline cache is also stored on disk but provides a functionality to view certain web content even when the computer is not connected to the Internet. Below is a view of the Firefox cache details summary.

Firefox Cache Summary In Firefox:

Firefox Cache Details Summary

As you can see above this provides the number of files and the size of those files for each type of Firefox cache. The issue is this does not provide the data needed to see if one specific file is in the Firefox cache. To see if the single file is in the Firefox cache click on the “List Cache Entries”  link underneath the Disk Cache Device section. This will open a page similar to the one displayed in the below image which is one long list of every single file that Firefox has cached. In the example case below the Disk Cache Device is being displayed.

List Of Firefox Cached Files:

Firefox Cache: Disk Cache Device Files List

With this list of Firefox cached file you can now use Cntrl-F and search for the file in question. If you locate the file click on the link that has the file name in question at the end of it. When you do this you will find out if there is an actual cache file associated with the cache key or not. If there is a file associated you can copy and paste the path into a Windows Explorer or CubicExplorer window and manually delete the file. Below is a example image displaying details about the cached file that can be deleted.

Firefox Cached File Details:

Firefox Cache Entry Information

This method is nice because you are able to obtain so many details about each cache file so quickly. Sometimes it is still beneficial to browse the cache using MozillaCacheView. You can download MozillaCacheView here and launch it at will without having to install the application.

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