Dell QuickSet has become a modified Windows Mobility Center in Windows 7. At first I was looking everywhere for a keyboard shortcut for Dell QuickSet which I was unable to locate. Finally I realized that Dell QuickSet had become a modified Windows Mobility Center so any time you launch QuickSet or Windows Mobility Center you will receive the same configuration window. Below I describe the Windows Mobility Center hotkey combination as well as how to make a shortcut for Dell QuickSet and attach it to the taskbar in Windows 7.

Windows 7: Windows Mobility Center Hotkey

The hotkey or keyboard shortcut used to launch Windows Mobility Center in Windows 7 is “Win+x”. If you are unfamiliar with the Windows key there is an image showing the Windows key on a Dell XPS 1340 below. As you can see it has a picture of the Windows logo on it and is typically located to the left of the space bar in the same row of keys.

Dell XPS 1340: Windows Key

When you click the keyboard shortcut (Windows key and the X button at the same time) the Windows Mobility Center will launch as displayed below. You can see that the default Windows Mobility Center has been modified by Dell so it is referred to not only by the Windows Mobility Center but also by Dell QuickSet.

Windows 7: Windows Mobility Center

Create A Dell QuickSet Shortcut & Pin It To The Windows 7 Taskbar:

If you wanted to create a shortcut for the Dell QuickSet application because it might be easier to not have to remember the keyboard shortcut then you can do so following the directions below.

  1. Open Dell QuickSet Folder: Open a Windows Explorer window and navigate to C:\Program Files\Dell\QuickSet which will display content similar to the below which is an image from a Windows 7 64-Bit laptop.

    Dell QuickSet: Path On Windows 7 64-Bit

  2. Create Dell QuickSet Shortcut: Right click on the Dell QuickSet executable which is named quickset.exe, select Send To from the pop open menu, and then select “Desktop (create shortcut)” from the fly out menu as displayed in the image below. This will create a Dell QuickSet shortcut on the Windows 7 desktop.

    Create Shortcut To Dell QuickSet: quickset.exe

  3. Pin Dell QuickSet To Taskbar: I think one of the most convenient ways to launch applications in Windows 7 is to pin the applications to the Windows taskbar. To do this with the Dell QuickSet application simply drag the shortcut icon onto the Windows 7 taskbar as displayed in the below images.

    Dell QuickSet: Pin To Taskbar

    Dell QuickSet Taskbar Icon

  4. Verify Dell QuickSet Functionality: Now test the Dell QuickSet application is still working without issue by clicking on the new icon in the taskbar. This should launch the Windows Mobility Center similar to using the keyboard shortcut of Win+x.

That is all you have to do to make the Windows Mobility Center or Dell QuickSet application easily launch by clicking one button.

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13 Responses to “Windows 7: Dell Quickset Or Windows Mobility Center Hotkey Combination”
  1. Robert Faddoul says:

    i have Dell Studio XPS 1645 with Windows 7 64 bit OS. When i am typing and using the caps lock , i have to wait seconds before i can continue typing and using the cursor to define again where to type. That is very annoying,isn’it? And if i disable the quickset i cannot use again the multimedia touch keys. Any idea how to solve this? Thank you in advance.


    alex Reply:

    Hello Robert,

    I have not seen that specific issue though if I understand you correctly it might help to disable or modify the function of certain keys? If so check this article regarding modifying the way Windows 7 keys are mapped. You should be able to disable quickset and then program the multimedia keys using the article regarding remapping Windows 7 keys.

    Hope that helps…



  2. Bayoor says:

    Thanks for this tip. Much appreciated. being looking for it since I upgraded to Win 7 and it disappeared from my taskbar.


    alex Reply:

    Hello Bayoor,

    No problem at all. Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback.



  3. Andy says:


    I installed the latest Dell Quickset for Windwos 7. However after launching I don’t get the pop ups anymore that show how much voume or brightness you have on screen. The keys work, though.I also don’t have a quickset Icon in the system tray. i know earlier version had that.

    Can anyone help me? It’s driving me crazy..



    alex Reply:

    Hello Andy,

    I uninstalled quickset awhile back so I am unable to test and provide you results… sorry about that.



  4. Bayezid says:

    When I press the brightness control keys (F4/F5) it displays the brightness pop-up but brightness does not change.

    Again, my mouse pad lock (the key between F12 and “Insert”) does not work, even pressing this key, no pop-up appears.

    Please, give me solution.


    alex Reply:

    Hello Bayezid,

    Is your question related to Dell qucikset? I would suggest offering more data so it is possible that someone will provide a possible solution for you. Including laptop or desktop data including model, etc. as well as operating system would be a minimum amount of data where someone might be able to provide valuable feedback. I also would suggest that if the question is not directly related to the article that you might try posting the question on Engage.

    If you do find a solution please post a follow up to help others in the future.



  5. TM says:

    This handy little tip turned out to be a great solution for those who have installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview too. I wasn’t able to pin the windows mobility center to the start screen in wïn8, but was able to add a shortcut to QS, so now I can rotate until the devs make it auto rotate once again.


    alex Reply:

    Hello TM,

    Good to hear it works with newer Windows versions as well. Thanks for taking the time to leave detailed feedback.



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