If you have read any of my other articles recently you know by now that I recently received my new laptop which is a Dell Studio XPS 1340 running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit OS. So far I love it and have been learning a bunch of new features related to Windows 7 as well as the Dell laptop. The Dell XPS 1340 has two video card options which include the default Nvidia GeForce 9600M graphics card or the upgraded Nvidia GeForce G210M graphics card. There are a couple differences between them including Hybrid SLI technology which allows you too easily switch between a performance configuration or a battery saving configuration. Below I describe how to easily switch between the Hybrid SLI modes.

There are a bunch of different ways to easily switch between Hybrid SLI modes so I will touch on a couple of them that I use in Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit.

Use Windows Mobility Center To Change Between Nvidia Graphics Modes:

  1. Open Windows Mobility Center: Open the Windows Mobility Center by using the hotkey combination Win+X (windows key and the X button at the same time) as shown below.

    Windows 7: Windows Mobility Center

  2. Modify Performance Mode: Now in the Battery Status widget click the drop down to display the available modes as shown in the below image. The default modes available include High Performance, Balanced, or Power Saver. Select the desired Power Mode which will take effect immediately.

    Windows Mobility Center: Power Mode

    High Performance will utilize all of the GPU power available which in my case means it utilizes the Nvidia GeForce G210M graphics card that has 512MB of RAM. High Performance mode will use the most battery though. Balanced mode will use the Nvidia GeForce 9600M graphics card only until the laptop notices an application requesting 3D graphics at which time it will start using the Nvidia GeForce G210M. Power Saver mode will only use the Nvidia GeForce 9600M in an effort to worry less about performance so it can save as much battery life as possible.

  3. Close Windows Mobility Center: Close the Windows Mobility Center by clicking the red X located in the top right corner of the configuration window. You can easily modify the power mode at any time by using the Win+X hotkey to open Windows Mobility Center again.

That is an easy way to change between using Hybrid SLI or not but you can also use the easier method of using the power taskbar icon located in the bottom right corner of your Windows 7 desktop as explained below.

Use Power Taskbar Icon To Change Between Nvidia Graphics Modes:

  1. Open Taskbar Power Icon Options: Single click the Power taskbar icon located in the bottom right corner of your desktop as displayed below.

    Windows 7 Select Power Mode

  2. Select Power Mode: Select one of the Power Mode options in the pop up configuration mode. The changes will take effect immediately and the window will disappear when you click anywhere outside of the battery information pop up.

That is all you have to do to enable or disable the Nvidia graphics modes which again include High Performance (uses Nvidia GeForce G210M GPU power), Balanced (uses both Nvidia cards), or Power Saver (uses Nvidia GeForce 9600M only).

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6 Responses to “How To Switch Between Nvidia Hybrid SLI Modes On A Dell XPS 1340 Laptop”
  1. Vijesh says:

    thanks alot for this post man. I have been looking for this help for more than 1 hrs.

    thanks alot once again.


    alex Reply:

    Hello Vijesh,

    No problem at all. We are glad to hear that this article helped you out and appreciate you taking the time to leave feedback.



  2. Tassin says:

    Bonjour, pas possible de mettre mon wind 7 en veille ni veille prolongée, il ce remet en rolute tout seul ?malgé mes recherche depuis 1 semaine , en plus le bouton en veille n’est pas allumé et il ni a pas de vielle hybride??


    alex Reply:

    Hello Tassin,

    Not sure I fully understand but I would restart with reinstalling or updating the Nvidia drivers installed for the graphics card. Hope that helps.



  3. James says:

    You need to use the Dell drivers, rumour has it that Nvidia have given up supporting it with their drivers and it seems to ‘break’ the SLi functionality.

    This is pretty tragic as the latest Nvidia drivers are 266.XX and the Dell drivers are stuck at 190 and produce dreadful banding with an external monitor with digital input (DP or HDMI).

    Compromise – Use Dell drivers which are customized to use the SLi or use Nvidia’s which are better but (in my case at least) break the external gpu (it doesn’t even show up in Device manager)

    And I’ve tried Dell support – they are (particularly) Horrifyingly useless in this situation


    alex Reply:

    Hello James,

    Yeah unfortunately I don’t think Hybrid SLI technology was ready for prime time when it was released. A couple months back I switched to the Nvidia drivers to get rid of the Hybrid SLI because it was causing random blue screens on my Windows 7 computer. Ever since getting rid of the Dell drivers my laptop has yet to have a blue screen….



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