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Uninstall The WordPress WP-Forum Plugin And Cleanup WP-Forum MySQL Tables

I have been using the WP-Forum WordPress plugin for along time now and even though I am moving away from using it I do still think its a great plugin. There are two reasons I am getting away from it which include the fact that it does not validate using the W3C Markup Validation Service and the main reason is because we have launched Engage which will allow users an easier way to interact with Question Defense.

So now that I have decided to uninstall the WP-Forum plugin I wanted to make sure that I removed all traces of the plugin which include a couple MySQL tables that will no longer be used. I suggest making a backup of all of the entire wp-forum plugin directory and of the database tables before you drop them from MySQL. This way if you have a change of heart in the next couple of days you could easily reinstall the plugin and be operational again in very little time. Follow the directions below to not only remove the plugin itself but then to use the MySQL CLI to drop the necessary tables.

Completely Remove The WP-Forum  Plugin From Your WordPress Installation:

  1. Deactivate The Plugin: First you just need to deactivate the plugin. Login to the WordPress admin, click on Plugins in the left navigation menu, select Active from the top set of links, scroll down to WP-Forum, and click the Deactivate link below WP-Form.
  2. Delete WP-Forum Plugin: Now using an FTP client or via a shell remove the entire wp-forum directory from “wordpress-root/wp-content/plugins/”. You could attempt to delete the plugin from the WordPress admin but I always find it easier to do so using an FTP client or SSH’d into the server.
  3. Remove MySQL Tables: Now use the below SQL commands to drop each of the tables from the database. Don’t forget to add the proper prefix to each table if you have modified the table prefix from the default of “wp”. Login to MySQL with the root user or a user that has DROP permissions on the database that your WP installation uses.

    Remove WP-Forum Tables From MySQL:


    1. DROP TABLE wp_forum_captcha;
    2. DROP TABLE wp_forum_forums;
    3. DROP TABLE wp_forum_groups;
    4. DROP TABLE wp_forum_posts;
    5. DROP TABLE wp_forum_threads;
    6. DROP TABLE wp_forum_usergroup2user;
    7. DROP TABLE wp_forum_usergroups;

    Example Removing WP-Forum Table With Success:


    1. mysql> DROP TABLE wp_forum_captcha;
    2. Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.03 sec)
    3. mysql>

    It may look like nothing was deleted but the drop command will literally remove the table and all of its contents in a very quick manner. Again make sure the data is backed up in case you accidentally need something at a later date.

    Example Attempting To Remove WP-Forum Table With Error:


    1. mysql> DROP TABLE wp_forum_captcha;
    2. ERROR 1051 (42S02): Unknown table 'wp_forum_captcha'
    3. mysql>

    You could receive the above error if you didn’t modify the table prefix to whatever your WP table prefix is. You could also get this error if you misspelled the table name or accidentally tried to remove it for a second time.

  4. Remove WP-Forum Page References: Last but not least make sure you modify or delete any pages that reference the WP Forum installation you just removed.

That is all you have to do. WP-Forum is no longer installed on your WP installation and you have removed all of the traces of the software including the database tables.

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