I was looking to convert some AVI videos I had created recently to DVD so my neighbor could watch the videos using their DVD player but I hadn’t done this in quite awhile so I began the search for some good open source software. After awhile I realized I had purchased a desktop recently and I figured it may have software installed by default that would convert and burn these files for me. Sure enough Roxio Pro was installed and it has a tool called MyDVD that will not only convert from many media files to DVD but it will also burn during that conversion. Below I describe how to create DVD’s from any type of media file using Roxio myDVD.

Video Files Accepted By Roxio MyDVD:bmp, rle, dib, jpg, jpe, jpeg, gif, png, tif, tiff, asf, wmv, m2s, m2p, mpeg, mpeg2, dat, mod, mov, avi, mpg, mp4, m4v, m2t, m2ts, tp, ts, trp, mts, dvr-ms, tivo, divx, 3gp, vob, ifo, dmss, dmsm, pssd

The above file types are all supported by MyDVD so you can import pictures for all of the typical image files such as gif, tiff, jpg, and more as well as import video files for all of the standard video file types such as mpg, avi, mov, mp4, and many more. I wanted to list every type available to MyDVD to show how robust the software is. Click Roxio Creator 2010 Proto purchase this software on Amazon if you don’t already own it. Below I explain some of the features of Roxio MyDVD and describe how to load video files into a project, add titles to those files, and then burn to disc.

Convert AVI, MPG, WMV, or MOV And Burn To DVD Using Roxio MyDVD:

  1. Open Roxio Creator:First launch Roxio by clicking Start, selecting All programs, and then selecting Roxio Creator from the pop up menu which will display as shown in the below image.

    Roxio Creator Pro

  2. Open Roxio MyDVD:Now select Video in the left hand navigation to display the Roxio Creator Video sub menu as displayed below.

    Roxio Creator Pro: Video Sub Menu

    With the Video menu display click on MyDVD to launch the Roxio MyDVD application as shown in the below image.

    Roxio MyDVD Home Screen

  3. Modify Title Text: The next steps can be completed in any order and are more to show the main elements you will need to create a basic DVD. The first thing I typically do is modify the Title text that shows above the preview window in the default DVD title screen. Simply double click on the text “My Menu” to modify the text itself as shown below. You can also highlight the text and use the font controls located right above the preview window.

    Roxio MyDVD: Modify Title

  4. Add Video Files To DVD: Adding video files to the DVD project is easy just click Movie in the top navigation bar, select Add Movie from the drop down, select the ratio from the fly out menu, and then browse and select the video file. The menu selections are shown in the below image.

    Roxio MyDVD Add Movie File: AVI, MPG, MOV, WMV

    Don’t worry about converting the file as the conversion to DVD format will be done on the fly when you burn the final DVD project.

  5. Add Episode Titles: Now you can add text above each of the video files you have added by selecting DVD Menu from the top navigation and selecting Add Text from the drop down as shown in the image below.

    Roxio MyDVD Add Text

    After you have added the text you can modify how it is displayed by using the same Font toolbar described in step 3 and displayed in the below image.

    Roxio MyDVD: Modify Text

  6. Burn Project To Disc: Once you have modified added all of the videos you want to add and modified the Title Screen you can burn the project to DVD. Select File from the top navigation menu and then click Burn Project To Disc from the drop down and shown in the below image. Depending on how much of the DVD you have filled up the project could take awhile to convert and burn.

    Roxio MyDVD: Burn Project To Disc

  7. Test DVD: Once the project is finished burning to DVD you can remove the DVD from your PC and insert into a DVD player to see if it plays correctly.

That is all you have to do. You have officially converted all of the media files to DVD format and burned successfully to DVD. Now that you see how easy it is you can make home movies of the kids and give them out as Christmas presents!

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2 Responses to “Convert Video Files Such As AVI, MPG, or WMV To DVD Using Roxio Media MyDVD”

    I have been working on a WAVE production for several days using Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 Suite. I have a mix of various sizes of photos plus a 15 minute video tape. I was successful in getting it together and adding three different tunes to three photo segments, 1. a wedding shower snapshots, 2. prenuptial party snapshops, 3. family groups and bride and groom photos. Of course the video has its own sound.
    Here was my first problem: parts of larger pictures were showing up behind the smaller ones. I even placed black “picture” boxes for a couple of seconds between them, but often it didn’t help. I think that these bmp and jpg photos are present as a dmsm holding place, but how can one control their integrity to the finished product?
    My second problem was trying to burn the .dmsm finished product to a DVD. I tried various settings and couldn’t get past the first frame repeating itself for 20 minutes!
    MyDVD is supposed to accept .dmsm files. Why isn’t it getting past the first frame and must it have only one musical selection? I am desperate to accomplish this thing in time for it to be a Christmas gift. Thank anyone who can solve my problem. I haven’t been able to receive help from Roxio regarding this. I am using Windows 7 OS.


    alex Reply:

    Hello Kenneth,

    I apologize for not responding to this sooner. I am just getting around to cleaning out my entire inbox from the Holidays and noticed that I missed this email when it came in. Did you come up with a resolution? Sounds like you made a awesome Christmas present for someone using Roxio’s MyDVD…

    Anyway if you did not find a resolution I think an image of the timeline might help me start troubleshooting your issues.



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