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How To Change The Time In A Jeep Grand Cherokee With Navigation

I was on a trip with my little sister this week in her 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee that has a navigation system in it. The clock was an hour ahead so I offered to figure out how to set the clock to the proper time. I was a little confused when I looked into the settings of the clock via the navigation system menu it seemed as though it should be pulling the time from GPS. So I decided to make the clock correct I would switch the displayed clock to user input and adjust it from the time being provided by the GPS system. Below are directions on how to change the time and set to user input.

Jeep Grand Cherokee: How To Change The Time Displayed On The Clock

  1. Navigation Main Menu: First bring up the navigation system main menu which will either come up by default or you can click the menu button on the right side of the navigation screen. The main menu will be displayed as shown in the below image.

    Jeep Grand Cherokee: Navigation System Main Menu 

  2. Navigation System Settings: Now use the knob control to the right of the navigation screen to scroll down to System Settings. Once highlighted click the Enter button to proceed to the screen below.

    Jeep Grand Cherokee: System Settings

  3. Navigation Clock Settings: From the System Settings menu use the same knob described above to scroll down to the Clock Settings. Click the Enter button again to open the Clock Settings as displayed in the below image.

    Jeep Grand Cherokee: Clock Settings

  4. Modify Clock¬† Settings: Use the controller knob to navigate to the check box next to “Show User Clock” and click the Enter button to move the check from “Show GPS Clock” to “Show User Clock”. Next use the knob to navigate to the Hr. + or – symbol to adjust the clock one way or the other by clicking the Enter button. Once you have changed the time enough in either direction scroll down to the Done bar. Click Enter to save the settings.
  5. Verify New Time: Now verify the time is correct and if it is not follow the above directions to adjust again.

One thing I didn’t have enough time to look into is why the GPS time was not correct. Hopefully in the future I will get the time to do so however until then her clock will at least display the proper time.

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