It is really easy to block unwanted calls to your SkypeIn number using your Skype client. There are numerous ways to block calls into Skype such as blocking one specific number, blocking all hidden numbers, or even not allowing any calls except for people in your contact list. I use my Skype number for business so the last method is not an option for me since I receive calls from numbers I don’t recognize all the time so I personally use a combination of the first two methods. By default I block all hidden numbers and then when I receive more than one call from an unwanted number I block that specific number. Below I describe how to perform all three methods so you can choose how you want to block calls into your SkypeIn number or if you don’t want to block any calls.

Block All Numbers Not In Your Contact List From Calling Your SkypeIn Number:

  1. Launch Skype: First launch your Skype client and login to Skype.
  2. Open Skype Options: Click Tools in the top navigation menu and select Options from the drop down which will open the Skype Options window.
  3. Block Numbers Not In Contacts: Now click the Privacy tab in the left navigation within Skype Options. Make sure Privacy Settings is selected underneath the Privacy tab as shown in the below image. In the top right corner under “Allow calls to my online number(s) from…” select the radio button next to “phone numbers in my Contact list only”.

    Skype Options: Privacy Settings - Block Calls

  4. Save & Verify Skype Options: Once you have made the setting above click the Save button. Once saved call your SkypeIn number from a number not in your contact list and you should receive a busy signal.

Block Hidden Phone Numbers To Your SkypeIn Number Using Skype Client:

  1. Launch Skype, Open Skype Options: Follow step 1 to step 2 in the list above to get to the Skype Options.
  2. Block Hidden Numbers: Now like in the first set of steps click on Privacy in the left navigation menu to expand it and make sure that Privacy Settings is selected. Instead of clicking the radio button mentioned above this time make sure the radio button next to “anyone” is selected and then check the box next to “block calls when the phone number is hidden” as shown in the below image. This will block all calls to Skype from “unknown numbers”.

    Skype Options: Privacy Settings - Block Hidden Numbers

  3. Save & Verify: Click the Save button at the bottom to make the changes active. You can test if this is working properly by typing “*67″ before dialing your SkypeIn number so instead of dialing “502-111-1111″ dial “*675021111111″ instead.

In Skype Block Specific Numbers From Calling Your SkypeIn Number:

  1. Launch Skype: As in the previous sets of steps launch your Skype client and login to Skype.
  2. Open Skype Conversations: Click View in the top navigation menu of Skype and select Conversations from the drop down to view the list of Skype conversations or your Skype history.
  3. Block Specific Number: The first method to block numbers is if they have already called you. Once they have called your SkypeIn number it will show in the conversations list so locate the conversation and right click on the number you want to block to display an options menu as shown below.

    Skype Conversation Options

    Select “Block This Person” to add this number to the Blocked Contacts list. Now when this number calls your SkypeIn number they will receive a busy signal.

  4. Add Specific Number To Blocked Contacts: Another way to block a specific number is to open the Skype Privacy Settings and add it manually. First click Tools in the top navigation menu and select Options from the drop down. Once the Skype Options window appears click on the Privacy tab to expand the options below and then select Blocked Contacts to display the window shown in the below image.

    Skype Options: Blocked Contacts

    As you can see in the above image the blocked phone numbers and blocked Skype ID’s are mixed in the same list of Blocked Contacts. Now to manually add a number type it in the drop down window next to the greyed out Block This Person button. The number must be entered with a +1 before the area code and number as shown below.

    Skype: Block This Person

    Once the number is entered the Block This Person button will not be greyed out anymore so click it to add this number to the blocked contacts list. A pop up window will display once clicked so confirm you want to block this number and then click the Save button at the bottom of the Blocked Contacts window.

This should allow you to keep any unwanted numbers from calling your SkypeIn number.

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2 Responses to “SkypeIn Call Blocking: Block Incoming Calls From Specific Numbers In Skype”
  1. Steve says:

    The most important option for me would be to enter certain number manually. Since a lot of numbers from telemarketers are not appearing on my Skype screen but on the caller id on my telephones (hooked up via a Skype adapter) – I can’t just hit the “Block this number” button. I ‘ d have to enter the number manually but I can’t type anything into that box like you described it under 4. it is just a scroll down box which does not allow any entries.


    alex Reply:

    Hello Steve,

    It is likely that newer versions of Skype have modified this functionality. I am no longer running Windows as my daily computer or I would double check. If you find a resolution let us know what it is so others can benefit.



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