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Create Your Own TinyURL Engine Using Pretty Link WordPress Plugin

Long links on your WordPress blog are great for SEO purposes however when emailing people links or posting links on the web it is nice to post a manageable length URL instead. There is a plugin available for WordPress called Pretty Link that allows you to generate short URL’s with ease. There are two versions of Pretty Link available which include a free version and Pretty Link Pro which is a pay version that cost $97.  Depending on what your needs are with creating short URL’s using your domain the price is more than reasonable for Pretty Link Pro. I currently only use Pretty Link a limited amount so the free version currently serves its purpose for me though I plan to upgrade in the future to Pretty Link Pro. Below I describe some of the features of the Pretty Link WordPress plugin.

Pretty Link WordPress Plugin:

The main function of Pretty Link is to take long URL’s and shorten them to provide more manageable links via email or other methods. Below is an example of one of the links I have shortened with Pretty Link and as you can see the second link is much more user friendly.

Normal Question Defense Article URL:

Same Question Defense Article URL Shortened With Pretty Link:

The plugin allows you to add URL’s to groups within Pretty Link to make it easier to manage numerous URL’s. You can also set numerous options on a per link basis such as URL Title, Redirection Type, SEO Options, Tracking Options, and Parameter Forwarding. Below is a brief description of each of these URL options.

URL Title:
You can set the Title that is displayed when someone hovers one of the Pretty Link URL’s. Setting this to something related to the article will improve SEO.

Redirection Type:
There are numerous redirection types including 301, 307, Pixel Redirection, Cloaking, and Pretty Bar Redirection. 307 redirection is the best to use if there is the possibility of the redirection URL changing and 301 is a permanent redirection which is the most friendly from search engines.

SEO Options:
The SEO Options is basically a tag for the link that either adds nothing or adds a “No Follow” tag which will tell search engines not to follow the link. This should be used if you are using the shortened links on your own site so the search engines are not crawling the same article twice which could lower the ranking of your article.

Tracking Options:
I personally track every URL so I know how many times they have been clicked but this option provides the ability to have Pretty Link URL’s that are not tracked.

Parameter Forwarding:
This setting allows you to pass parameters on a URL by URL basis. If you wanted to add “?product_id=54” to the end of yourdomain.com/products/ then you could use this feature.

As you can see even the free version provides tons of features. If this will be something you use on a regular basis then the $97 for the pay version is an amazing price for all of the added functionality. The Pretty Link Pro WordPress plugin can be purchased by clicking here. You can view the features of Pretty Link Pro here. Last but not least if you want to download the free version of the Pretty Link Pro plugin click here. Below are numerous images from the WordPress admin for the Pretty Link plugin.

Pretty Link: Add A Link Pretty Link Groups Pretty Link: Hits Pretty Link: LinksPretty Link Options

The interface is built really well and each options has a help section that makes Pretty Link very easy to use. I highly recommend checking out this plugin if you provide links to your blog via email, forum posts, or any other form of media.

Pretty Link Pro Purchase Page

Pretty Link Pro Landing Page

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