I have been using iTunes Affiliate Link Maker (iTALM) for a couple weeks now and had spoken to the developer a couple times before the previous upgrade. He was making a bunch of major changes and actually did a great job in getting the plugin to work now with displaying application affiliate links. It appears that when upgrading from previous versions that the version wasn’t set correctly and so now on every page of your WordPress admin site you will see the below warning message.

WordPress Admin Warning Message Caused By iTALM:

Message: WARNING: Your version of iTALM requires upgrading please visit the upgrade page

Warning Your Version Of iTALM

The way I explain to get rid of this error should only be temporary until the next upgrade so make sure you  remember it needs to be changed. It shouldn’t be hard to remember considering the warning message could start showing again after the next upgrade.

Stop iTALM Warning Message:

All you need to do is manually edit the ita.class.base.php file which is located in the “wordpress-root/wp-content/plugins/itunes-affiliate-link-maker/” directory. On line 16 of this file the version is specified if it does not exist in the database and by default the version is set to “0″.  Below shows what is set by default and what to change it to so the warning message no longer displays.

Version Specified By Default In ita.class.base.php:

"ita-version" => "0",

Change the above ita-version variable which again is specified on line 16 of ita.class.base.php.

New Version Specified In ita.class.base.php:

"ita-version" => "0.1",

Once you have modified this one variable the warning message will no longer display. One less annoyance in the WP admin section. Other than this minor detail the iTunes Affiliate Link Manager is an amazing WordPress plugin that I use all the time so I would like to thank Ruxton for taking the time to make it and you should to by clicking here and then clicking the donate button at the bottom of the article! Once you make the above modifications the iTALM admin will look like the below.

iTALM Warning Message Resolved

As you can see no more WARNING message!

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3 Responses to “WARNING: Your version of iTALM requires upgrading please visit the upgrade page”
  1. Greg Tangey says:

    Just wanted to say version 0.5.2 has just been pushed out to WordPress Extend and should resolve all these problems. Thanks again for pointing this issue out and contacting me.


    alex Reply:

    Hello Greg Tangey,

    Thanks man. Snappy work on the quick release!

    For anyone needing to upgrade you can upgrade automatically via the WordPress interface or you can visit WordPress.org to look up and download the iTALM plugin.



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