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Uninstall Ask.Com Toolbar Issue: All Internet Explorer Browser Windows Should Be Closed

Uninstall Ask.Com Toolbar Issue: All Internet Explorer Browser Windows Should Be Closed

A friend of mine has a computer shop and earlier today I was looking at a laptop with him that had a bunch of issues including three different toolbars being installed in Internet Explorer. Having this many toolbars installed will only slow things down. I recommend having one toolbar at most installed and personally I prefer the Google Toolbar because I use so many different Google applications and Google won’t attempt to display a bunch of unwanted data in the top of your Internet Explorer browser window.

Error Uninstalling Ask Toolbar:

When attempting to uninstall the Ask Toolbar on Windows Vista using the Programs & Features application available via the Vista Control Panel we were receiving an error. The error was complaining that all Internet Explorer windows should be closed before attempting to uninstall the Ask.com Toolbar. An image of the error along with the exact error text are both displayed below.

Ask Toolbar Uninstall Error:

Ask Toolbar Uninstall Error: Close Internet Explorer Windows

Ask Toolbar Uninstall Error Text: All Internet Explorer browser windows should be closed in order to complete the uninstallation. Please close all Internet Explorer browser windows. Click OK if you are ready to proceed with the uninstallation.

This obviously sounds easy enough and should be resolved by closing any open Internet Explorer windows however there were not any applications running at the time we were attempting to uninstall the Ask Toolbar. So to resolve the issue you can check the running processes via the Task Manager and close any running applications there. The below directions will assist in closing any rogue Internet Explorer processes.

Close Rogue Internet Explorer Processes:

  1. Open Task Manager: Click Cntrl-Alt-Delete at the same time to open the Windows Vista menu screen where you will need to select Start Task Manager. This will launch the Windows Vista Task Manager.
  2. View Processes: Click the Processes tab once the Vista Task Manager is running to show a list of processes and displayed in the below image.

    Vista Task Manager End iexplorer Process

  3. End Internet Explorer Processes: As you can see in the above image there is one iexplore.exe process showing which means there is one rogue Internet Explorer process. Highlight the process and click the End Process button located at the bottom right of the Processes tab in the Vista Task Manager. This will kill the Internet Explorer rogue process.

Once the iexplore.exe process has been stopped you can proceed with uninstalling the Ask Toolbar. There is a chance you may run into other issues so if that is the case search Question Defense for other hints at removing the Ask Toolbar.

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