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Ask Toolbar: Error 1730. You Must Be An Administrator To Remove This Application

When attempting to uninstall the Ask Toolbar on a laptop earlier I ran into numerous issues including receiving an error 1730. The error 1730 displayed even though I was logged into the Windows Vista laptop as an administrator and following the proper directions for uninstallation. Below I describe numerous steps to take that will guarantee that the Ask Toolbar application is uninstalled including removing any leftover Ask Toolbar files.

Windows Vista Uninstall Ask Toolbar Error:

Uninstall Ask Toolbar Error 1730

Uninstall Ask Toolbar Error 1730 Text: Error 1730. You must be an administrator to remove this application. To remove this application, you can logon as an administrator, or contact your technical support group for assistance.

Again I was logged into the computer as an administrator and ended up having to take a bunch of extra steps to get the application to uninstall properly. I believe that Malwarebytes removed part of the application because it was labeled as spyware but it did not remove the entire application which caused part of the issue. The other part of the issue is that the Ask Toolbar acts like spyware a bit any way. Follow the steps below to remove the Ask Toolbar from your Windows Vista computer. Make sure you are logged in as an administrator before proceeding below.

Remove Ask Toolbar When Receiving Error 1730:

  1. Disable User Account Control: If UAC(User Account Control) is not already disabled on your Windows Vista computer you should disable this first. Open the Vista Control Panel and click on User Accounts. In the User Accounts window click on the bottom link which is “Turn User Account Control on or off”. This will open a new window where you should remove the check next to “Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer”. Click the OK button to save the changes and then reboot your computer for the changes to become active.
  2. Install Windows Install Cleanup Utility: Now download and install the Windows Install Cleanup Utility from this Microsoft article. Once downloaded simply click on the msicuu2.exe file to install.
  3. Remove Ask Toolbar: Now launch the Windows Install Cleanup Utility, highlight Ask Toolbar, and then click the Remove button as shown in the image below.

    Windows Install Cleanup Utility: Remove Ask Toolbar

  4. Install Ask Toolbar: You may be asking yourself what in the world is he talking about in step four but trust me on this one. If you do not reinstall the Ask Toolbar which we will remove again in step five you will still have files and registry files installed on your computer that relate to the Ask Toolbar. So visit Ask by clicking here to download and install the Ask Toolbar.

    Install Ask Toolbar So It Can Be Removed

  5. Uninstall Ask Toolbar: Finally with all of the above steps completed we can now finally remove the Ask Toolbar the correct way. Open the Windows Vista control panel and click on Programs & Features. Once the Programs & Features window is open highlight Ask Toolbar and then click the Uninstall button located above the list of programs.

    Windows Vista Programs And Features: Uninstall Ask Toolbar

Finally the Ask Toolbar is uninstalled from your Windows Vista computer the proper way. Make sure when you download applications in the future that you read the fine print so the Ask Toolbar is not installed in the future.

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