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iTunes Error 0xE8008001: Installing Unsigned Apps On Cydia Jailbroken 3.0 iPhone

iTunes Error 0xE8008001: Installing Unsigned Apps On Cydia Jailbroken 3.0 iPhone

If you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch you may come across custom applications that you would like to install via iTunes so all of your applications are still managed in one place. I originally thought that I would just be able to drag the applications directly into iTunes, sync my iPod Touch with iTunes, and begin using my new application. I believe this used to be the case before iPhone OS 3.0 was released which is the version of firmware installed on my Touch. Anyhow I attempted to proceed by following the below steps and ran into an error also noted below.

First Attempt To Install Unsigned Application On iPod Touch With Firmware 3.0 Via iTunes:

  1. Load Application In iTunes: I dragged the application I had downloaded into iTunes without issue. It now showed up in the iTunes application list when syncing my iPod Touch.
  2. Sync Verification: I then plugged in my Touch, clicked on it in iTunes, clicked the Applications tab, and made sure that the new application was checked to be synced.
  3. Attempted Sync: Now I clicked Sync and the application looked like it was being installed. After the syncing process was done I received an error 0xE8008001 stating there was an unknown error.

The error in step three above was actually caused because the application I was attempting to install was not signed which is required for all applications being installed on your iPhone or iPod Touch and an example of such an error is shown in the below image.

iTunes App Install Error 0xE8008001

Luckily if your iPhone or Touch is jailbroken and using Cydia then you can follow the steps below and still install unsigned applications via iTunes.

Install Unsigned Applications On iPhone or Touch With Firmware 3.0+ Via iTunes:

  1. Launch Cydia: First double click the Cydia desktop icon which will launch the application as shown below.

    iPod Touch: Cydia Home Screen

  2. Cydia Sources: First click the Manage in the bottom Cydia navigation menu which will open the window below.

    Cydia Manage Tab

    Now click on Sources to open the package source management window as shown below.

    Cydia Package Source Management

  3. Add New Source: Click the Edit button located in the top right of the window shown in the above image which will allow you to add new sources, edit current sources, or delete current sources. After clicking the Edit button a new button titled Add will appear in the top left of the window so click that to add cydia.hackulo.us as shown below. Once you have the new source location filled in click the Add Source button to complete the addition.

    Cydia Add New Source

    **NOTE** You may be required to reboot your iPhone or iPod Touch after installing the cydia.hackulo.us source as noted by pinkurinal in the comments. Keep this in mind when attempting to install AppSync below.

  4. Search For AppSync: After you have added the new source above it might take a moment for the new packages to sync but once they do go back to the Cydia home screen and then click the Search button located on the right side of the bottom navigation. Type “AppSync” in the search window and click the blue Search button which should provide results similar to the below image.

    Search Cydia For AppSync

  5. Install AppSync: Now install the correct version of AppSync based on the firmware version on your iPhone or iPod Touch. In my case I have firmware version 3.0 on my Touch so I installed AppSync for OS 3.0 by clicking on the app in the search results. After clicking on the app in the search results click on the Install button in the top right corner of the window as shown below.

    Cydia AppSync For OS 3.0

    After clicking Install the details of AppSync will display and you will need to click the Confirm button also in the top right corner of the window as shown in the below image.

    Confirm AppSync Installation

    The AppSync source will now downloaded and install on your iDevice. Once completed a screen similar to the below will display and allow you to return to Cydia while AppSync will be installed and ready to use.

    AppSync Installation Complete

  6. Sync Apps Via iTunes: Now return to iTunes and drag the unsigned application into iTunes and then click the Sync button to sync the applications with the jailbroken iPhone or Touch that now has AppSync installed. The signature verification is removed from the Springboard with AppSync so the error will no longer appear and you will be able to use the unsigned application you have downloaded or created.

Hope this helps some people get around the 0xE8008001 error received in iTunes when attempting to install unsigned applications on jailbroken devices. This will not work on a device that is not jailbroken.