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How to disable ThankVantage Access Connections

I had a IBM ThinkPad laptop in the shop today and every five minutes or so 2 different pop up box’s would come up and give a error about not being able to connect via thankvantage access.

First thing I did was look up what the *heck* it was and what it did. This is what I came up with.

“Thinkvantage Access Connections”….

Access Connections is a connectivity-assistant program for your Lenovo notebook computer. With Access Connections, you can quickly switch network and location specific settings such as printer, proxy, etc. by selecting a location profile.

If this is something you need then you will have to visit the link and set it up properly.

If you find it anoying and have no use for it then read on. Of course the first solution which comes to mind is to uninstall the program which of course you can do however sometimes it makes more sense to just disable it.

I decided to disable it from the start up so I went to the run box and typed in “msconfig”

This brings up the System Configuration Utility.

Select the tab that says Startup and uncheck these two things.

AC profile manager service
Access Connections Main Service

Then click “ok” and when the computer prompts you to reboot select yes. That’s it, now the ThankVantage service will no longer start at boot but it is still installed if you need it