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Manage Your Netflix Instant Queue Directly From Your iPhone or iPod Touch

Manage Your Netflix Instant Queue Directly From Your iPhone or iPod Touch

I have been using various applications on the iPhone for a long time now so I wanted to write about many of the iPhone applications I use on a regular basis. One application that I have recently started using a lot again is iPhlix which I use to manage my Netflix account. The reason I have been using it a lot more is because I can queue movies in your Netflix Instant Queue to watch on my Xbox 360. If I am out somewhere waiting for an appointment or waiting at a restaurant it is nice to be able to search movies to queue in my Netflix Instant Queue to watch when I get home. The iPhlix application cost money however it is much more solid than the Phone Flicks application which is free. Below I will describe each application and provide screenshots so you can make the decision if it is worth spending money on iPhlix versus just downloading Phone Flicks for free.

Phone Flicks: DOWNLOAD

The Phone Flicks application is free which is cool to give you an idea of what it might be to manage your Netflix account from your iPhone. I believe the application used to not support the Instant Queue but it does now. There are also a couple other issues I have with the application with the major issue being that the Search within the application has all sorts of issues. The Phone Flicks Search feature seems to take forever and sometimes it does not even work at all. When it does not work you are stuck closing the application and starting it again just to get back to another screen because the tabs to get to other features of the application is hidden underneath the pop up keyboard on the iPhone. Phone Flicks will only allow you to manage one Netflix account at a time.

Phone Flicks iPhone Application Main Screen Phone Flicks iPhone Application Netflix Instant Queue List Phone Flicks iPhone Application Netflix Disc Queue Phone Flicks iPhone Application View Netflix Movie Details Phone Flicks iPhone Application Search Feature 


The iPhlix application costs $2.99 but if you would like to manage your Netflix account remotely from your iPhone then it makes a big difference having iPhlix versus having Phone Flicks. The interface on iPhlix is much cleaner than the free application as you can see in the below iPhone screenshots. The search works without issue and is much quicker than Phone Flicks. The applications seem to have the same basic functionality however iPhlix does a much better job implementing the Netflix management solution. You can manage multiple Netflix accounts via iPhlix without having to enter the data for each account each time you switch between accounts. If this application sounds interesting you can download it by clicking here.

iPhlix iPhone Application Browse Netflix Movies iPhlix iPhone Application Netflix Instant Queue iPhlix iPhone Application: List of Accounts iPhlix iPhone Application: Settings iPhlix iPhone Application: Netflix Movie Details 

Other iPhone Netflix Queue Management Applications:

When it comes to one of the Netflix Queue Management applications available on the iPhone they are all very similar and the design will be the difference. In my research I believe that the iPhlix application has done a better job at implementation. There are a couple other iPhone Netflix management applications available such as the iRentMovies application that provides the same functionality as the two applications I mention and also costs $2.99. If you want to try out iRentMovies it can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store by clicking here. There are other applications though Phone Flicks, iPhlix, and iRentMovies seem to be the most popular three application downloads. I personally chose to spend money on iPhlix versus iRentMovies because I liked the iPhlix look and feel better much better than the other applications.

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